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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Issue Of Homosexuality - Again

  I am bringing this issue up again for many reasons, but mainly, because I want Gay men and women to know that God does love them and He really does want to save and deliver them.
  Currently, I see a whole bunch of side issues coming out of the homosexual movement. If we don't separate the issues, we will be wrongly addressing some of the issues. We could miss the whole point and end up confusing ourselves and others about what the issues really are.
  Here are some of the interweaving, but separate issues:
1. Same sex attraction is not the same as practicing homosexuality.
2. God hates sin and will judge it. Every person has sin issues to be dealt with, not just homosexuals.
3. Homosexuals are human beings created in God's image; The LGBT is a community based on a false religion.
4. Not every homosexual is a Romans 1 reprobate; A Romans 1 reprobate will probably have some, if not all homosexual (and other sexual perversion) tendencies.

  I have seen the signs. I have heard the reports. Homosexuals are doomed to hell. Homosexuals are to be treated like people with cooties. And on and on. But what does the Bible say?
  First of all, all homosexual people are people created in God's image. Like the rest of fallen mankind, God's image in them is distorted because of sin. I don't believe every homosexual person is the way he is because God has turned him over to his sinful lusts, as in Romans 1. Obviously, some homosexuals are turned over by God, and they are continuing to blossom in their sinful desires.
  In case you haven't figured it out yet, human beings tend to have trouble in the area of sex. There are a lot of issues that have gone wrong besides homosexuality. In the beginning, God created man and woman, and after His creation, God said that His creation was 'very good'. God also gave human beings the desire to reproduce. God said, 'Be fruitful and multiply'. Animals were to reproduce as well as human beings. God gave the desire for sexual relationships to human beings before they fell into sin.
   There came a time when Eve listened to the voice of the devil and believed his lie. She stopped trusting in God, and believed she could call the shots, once she ate the forbidden fruit. Adam didn't stop her and the whole human race, which was created as 'good' was now distorted. People began killing each other. All kinds of sexual deviances came about as well. Everything that was once beautiful, was now distorted. It looked like Satan won.
   By the time we get to Genesis 6, the Bible tells us that mankind was so wicked, that God was going to destroy everyone. Of course, God gave the people a period of time to repent, but the only ones who were spared were Noah, his wife, and their sons and daughters in law. A certain amount of animals were spared as well.
   It is interesting to note that, as soon as all the water receded, and it was safe to go on land again, the family got out and settled in the area. But not too long after this, problems began. Sexual problems began in Noah's family and they continued down the road to those who descended from Noah and his wife.
   Sexual problems are nothing new. Throughout History, all kinds of sexual perversions took place. God placed rules in His Law concerning sexual relationships. In the beginning, God created a man and a woman to build the family unit. They were to enjoy a sexual relationship in marriage. But so many things were wrong with human beings. Some wanted to have sex with animals. Some created orgies. It is not really any different today. We have new technology we can use to express our sexual desires in, that Noah and all throughout History, up to this point, never had.
  There are some who struggle with porn. They are drawn to the internet and to adult stores. We have easy access to all this stuff now. This is not just something a few people are addicted to. It affects multitudes of people today, both men and women. It is like these people cannot be pulled away from their addiction.
   Taking cocaine is hard to be free from the addiction. There are places to go that can help a person 'detox' in order to get off the drug. It is so painful and hard that many don't go through with the detox program. I think sex is like that. It is hard to not look at porn, if you are used to doing that and getting gratification from pornography. You just can't quit. It would take a miracle to be free.
  There are many today, who struggle with 'same-sex attraction' and feel guilty because of it. They don't have a sexual partner but would be tempted to want one. Many choose to remain celibate and keep their struggle hidden.
   Here's where the problem lies though; a case in study based on a true story- There once was a man who was a 'Christian' counselor. He was probably a pastor as well. He was very successful and well liked as a counselor. One would not have known the struggles he had with homosexuality though.
  The man did not really want to be Gay. He went for help in different places. He even got married, though the marriage didn't last. After years of wanting help and deliverance, he decided to go back to his Gay lifestyle.
  Up to this point, it seems like he deserves some credit. He tried to get help. Nothing happened. But here's what went wrong; he went back to his Gay lifestyle, which involved having several young men live in his house. This is more than just a same-sex attraction. This is a full blown choice and even one which involves other people.
  I don't know the details of this man, but his story is interesting. I see some evidences of modern American culture in this. In our society, at present, we think we deserve certain things. We expect great things. We expect to have things go our way. We live in a society that caters to our wants being fulfilled. We can't handle the word 'no'.
  In the olden days, people worked hard, and went through many hardships. Many did not see things that they would have liked to have. Life was hard. But people worked with the system. They didn't cave in because they didn't get what they wanted. They were grateful for what they got and made the best of what they had. (I know this isn't true for every person who lived in Early America. This is generally speaking).
  The Bible tells us to 'put off the old man' and 'put on the new man'. God's word also tells us that we must die to ourselves every day. We cannot afford to be selfish.
   Basically, if we want something bad enough, we don't have a right to expect to get it. It may come. It might not. If we are an adult male, and we really want to have sex with young boys, we don't have the right to do that. God does not give us permission to do that. It's as simple as that. But yet, it seems hard. Too hard.
   But God can help us. I believe that most, if not all, Gay people, would rather be straight than Gay, if they had a choice. But I also think that many see it as an impossibility to be free from homosexuality and its desires. God is bigger than those desires. It takes a willing heart and a lot of time and patience in working with a homosexual who wants to be free. That is what the church should be getting ready for.
  If I patron a store, and the manager or cashier is Gay, I will respect that person, because he or she is created in God's image, though the image is distorted. I will continue to go to that store if I need the products sold there. But if the store owners use the money they make to support the homosexual agenda, I will not go to that store anymore. This is more than a person struggling with homosexual tendencies. The homosexual agenda is really a religious movement. It may have sprung out of the reaction from seeing 'Christians' hold up signs saying that 'God Hates Fags'. Whatever it is, it has a strong momentum and is pushing forward its agenda to change the fundamentals of our nation. It is pressing into the government to produce laws that will allow for Gay people to marry and adopt children. It is based upon a religion that is constructed of twisted Bible verses. Some of the beliefs are that God made some people with a homosexual orientation and that they must live out their lives as homosexuals because that is how they were created, and that the Bible is outdated by science. In other words, God did not know ahead of time what science was going to reveal about homosexuals and their validity. Science is more real and accurate than God is, and what the rules were in the Old Testament (or even the New Testament) are not applicable for us today. It was just for those people during that time period.
   Before we get too angry with them, let us consider some things. Perhaps, the church did not know how to handle those who were 'coming out of the closet' and reacted in hostility to Gay people who were being honest. I wonder how many Gay people actually went to a church or pastor to get help, only to be rejected by the Christian authority?
   Do we, as a church, really understand the deceitfulness of sin? I wonder if we really do understand the depth of our own sins? Maybe if we took a good, hard look at our own hearts, it wouldn't be so hard to help a Gay person to come to Christ and be ministered to. This is not just a homosexual problem. This is a problem in the modern day church.
   Many mainstream denominations are really made up of behaviorists. They are people who are focused on learning how to be good and do good things. It is a belief system that doesn't seem to be aware of the sinfulness of each individual heart. Bank robbers, whores, rapists, and homosexuals do not fit well in a church that is based on behaviorism. No one really does well in this kind of church, because it is easy to not see one's own sin. Jesus died for sinners, not for behaviorists who do well (not that there is any such thing). Rephrased, it goes like this; 'The Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost'. Behaviorists do not see themselves as lost. They are much like Pelagians in their thinking. But they will be surprised on That Day, when there sins will be revealed.
   The Pharisees and scribes of Jesus' day were like the behaviorists of our day. They thought they could trap Jesus one time, and brought to Him a woman who was caught in the act of adultery. Jesus asked the group of people who brought the adulteress to Him, to cast the first stone at her, but, only if they were without sin. No one was able to cast any stones at her. Although they may have never realized before this time, they now had some idea of their sin.
   Let's conclude with a couple of statements that hopefully will help. Homosexuals are people who are created in God's image and need to be respected as fellow human beings. The Bible has no directives for homosexual relationships. In marital relationships, it is always a man and a woman, a husband and a wife, a male and a female. God does not make certain people with a sexual orientation to be Gay. Homosexuality is not proven scientifically. The LGBT is an aggressive movement to establish specific rights for homosexual people, which goes against Scriptures. God is well able to save and deliver homosexuals. The church must be made ready to minister to homosexuals who want to be saved and delivered. The individuals in the church must look at their own hearts and deal with their own sins first. Biblical counselors, pastors, and those in an authoritative position in the church will have to be patient and work with and walk with the Gay man or Lesbian who wants to be free. Many homosexuals want to be free but cannot free themselves, and as a result, many give up or assume that God made them Gay. Homosexuals are not going to be delivered in a day. It may take months or years for complete freedom. Same-sex attraction is not the same as practicing homosexuality. Homosexuals, liars, angry moms, lustful men, greedy people, abortionists, haters, slanderers, backbiters, manipulators, thieves, arrogant people, tyrants, rapists, gluttons, abusers, parent haters, lovers of money, selfish people, adulterers, connivers, hypocrites, cheaters, mockers, immoral people, pedophiles, pornographers, and a multitude of other types, are all sins that God will punish. God did punish our sins when He sent Jesus, His Son, to die for our sins. We should die for our sins, but God loved us so much that He came to earth and willingly took our punishment for our sins.
   Homosexuality is out of God's order. God is a God of order, but there is not an order in homosexuality that follows God. But that is why Jesus came. He came to restore us. He came so we could be reconciled back to God.
'Father God, please be with those who read this blog. Let it minister to people. Please save many Gay people and let them be set free. Let them know Your love for them. Lead them to people who will minister to them. Set homosexual men and Lesbians free. Let them not listen to the lies of the Enemy of our souls. Let many turn to You and be saved. Let them be placed in Bible believing churches and let them grow spiritually and become spiritually healthy. In Jesus' name.'
  For more information on the Gospel and how to respond to God, please go to http://thegospelconversation.blogspot.com , or, http://test4gp.wordpress.com

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