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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Are Special People Groups Entitled to Entitlements?

This whole thing of entitlement really bothers me. I remember growing up and my dad would make references to certain people, usually young ones or college age, and would say, 'They need to go in the army'. My dad was in the army and the Korean War ended the day he landed there.

Years ago, people worked hard for what they got. There was a lot of suffering and difficult challenges that we don't have today. We do have suffering and challenges today, but they take a different form because we have so much more, and much of what we have has created more problems for us.

My dad did not get to go to college after he graduated from high school. First of all, his parents did not have the money to send him to college and he was drafted in the war. He got a job and got married when he got back. Then he went to college. He graduated with honors and ended up with a good career many years later.

Another thing my dad would say is that certain people, usually the younger crowd, think that they are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Something else interesting to ponder.

My dad had a lot of good common sense and could make connections in life situations. Today, the thinking of the younger generation in my dad's day is the prominent way of thinking in our culture. And it is disturbing.

Everyone thinks they have special rights today. And this is very confusing to me. In America, we live in a free country where we do have rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution. It is true that some have not acknowledged these rights when it comes to other people or groups of people, and that is unjust.

For example, if two people are applying for a job, and both have good qualifications for that job, but only one gets it because of the color of their skin or their gender, then that is unfair. We know that that has happened.

God made everyone unique. He made all the people groups and cultures. Although each one has their own characteristics, none is better than the other, and no one group should receive privileges that the other groups do not get.

Now, I will make an obvious exception here 😀. Because men and women are different in form and function, men don't have babies. They cannot go to a hospital and get the privileges extended to a woman who has just delivered a baby! On the other side of the coin, men who do combat in battle get medals and awards for their acts. They deserve those rewards. Women should not even try to do those feats (although I am sure some women think they can do them!).

Today, I am confused. I think it is because people have the mindset that everyone else owes them a living. There is this 'entitlement' attitude that comes from people, mainly the younger group but not always.

I am confused on this whole thing with the Black Lives Matter situations. Of course, black lives matter. So does everyone else's life matter. I am looking at this situation and it isn't making sense. In some cases, black cops kill black suspects and then the black people are angry and feel discriminated against because they suspect that the cops were against them because they were black? Confused here.

But today, I am even more puzzled except that I have taken this whole entitlement concept into consideration. In a conversation on Facebook, one person, obviously black, has complaints about our new president elect because she says Trump (in response to someone else's question) is pro-life, but not for Muslims, blacks or Latinos. Not sure what that meant until I read further. Someone was trying to explain to her that color doesn't matter. All races are equal in value, and if they are not, that is racism. The black person responded by saying that one should recognize her color and don't hold it against her. So far, this makes sense in itself. But in another statement, I am seeing an angle that I didn't see before. One the one hand, she is saying to not hold her skin color against her. But in another statement she is saying that he (Trump) should see her skin color. Her skin color tells a lot about who she is and where she is from. Then she makes this statement: 'Being color-blind is just as dumb as being racist'. OK. Now I think I see where she is coming from a little more clearly. It is not an issue of being discriminated against because of her skin color, but it is an issue of thinking she is being treated unfairly because her skin color is not recognized by Trump. In other words, I *think* she is saying that she (and all other black people) should be treated in a special way because she is black. Black people, according to her, should be recognized for their specialness. Perhaps they should be given special rights because they are black. Doesn't this tie in with this whole subject of entitlement? She is not accusing Trump of being racist. She is accusing him of not focusing on the special rights that she thinks belong to black people, Muslims, and Latinos. That is a whole different subject for another blog sometime.

I personally believe that many people voted for Hillary simply because she is an enabler. She will cater to the special groups and give them entitlements that Trump doesn't give out. She is not discerning and would even see homosexuals as a minority group of people, as if they were some kind of special race of people, rather than a group of people who live by a different standard than others.

I have one more example of this happening in the election. A while back someone was explaining why they were supporting Trump. It had to do with Trump's stand in supporting what the people want vs. what big government is doing. The specific example given was Monsanto. Monsanto is a group backed by the government, that is recreated food and changing the whole food industry. This could end up being a disaster and it could affect the whole world. This person was explaining that Trump would stop Monsanto (I don't know much about this but it wouldn't surprise me). We know that Hillary supports Monsanto, even if it is just with words. She supports everything that will end up harming us as a people ultimately. But, she will also support Planned Parenthood and groups like the LGBT. She will see to it that laws will be passed to help these continue.

On Tuesday, I was going through my email and one of many which pertained to natural health was interesting. This man explained in his email, that he voted and encouraged others to vote. He voted for Hillary because of her supposed stance on natural health issues. He said that Hillary is supportive of the things we hold dear concerning our food freedoms. Here is a part of the email he sent:

"But whatever you think of the candidates – this election really does matter. And as someone who wants healthy, sustainable, humane and delicious food for everyone – I know that my vote counts.

So I’m voting. I’m voting for healthy people, and for a healthy planet. And the best way that I know to do that, is to vote for Hillary Clinton – even with all her considerable faults.

Now some of you might be furious to hear me say that. And before I go on, let me be very clear that I love our democracy and I honor and respect that everyone should vote their highest conscience.

And I fully recognize that Hillary Clinton has historic and disturbing ties to Monsanto, Walmart, Tyson Foods, and other companies whose practices I find at times abhorrent."*

But here is the interesting part of this; he recognized that Hillary has ties to these places which oppose what we believe in, concerning food. And that doesn't matter to him. Here is another part of this email:

"if you want a president who eats a mostly plant-strong and healthy diet and will be a role model of healthy eating to our population... Then, based on their positions, their party platforms, the policies of the people they’ve chosen as their closest advisors, and their own personal lifestyle choices – this isn’t even a close call.

In my view, Hillary Clinton is a vastly better choice."

Here is what I want you to see; he is choosing Hillary in spite of the sharp disagreements he would have for her because of her ties to Monsanto, etc. The reason he is willing to sacrifice all this is simply because of the entitlements Hillary offers, if she had won the election. This man is an avid homosexual (who claims to have a 'husband') and if you didn't catch that in his introduction on a webinar, you might misunderstand why he is so strongly urging people to vote for Hillary. It all goes back to entitlement. Hillary gives entitlements to people who she deems worthy (like homosexuals and transgenders). Notice the words 'lifestyle choices'. That is very telling.

The Bible is very clear that we are to love all people. We are to treat people with respect and honor. But the Bible is also clear about boundaries. Having boundaries does not contradict loving people. You and I can love people and still have boundaries. Entitlement removes those boundaries. It takes away freedom from some people and gives it to another group. It is unjust. 

God loves the people He made, no matter what the color of their skin is, and no matter what the culture is or gender. But He does not give special favors to people who are in certain groups. He does not give special privileges to certain people because they had a bad rap in life. He does not make exceptions for certain people groups to sin or continue in sin. However, God does break chains that hold people down and keep them in bondage. 

The Enemy of our soul tempts us to sin or believe a certain way that is wrong, then we end up in bondage. But we stay in bondage because we think we are experiencing freedom. The Enemy has lied to us and we need to separate the truth from the lies. To hate someone or treat them in a less than human way because of their skin color, culture, or gender is wrong. At the same time, to treat people with special entitlements because of their skin color, gender, or cultural background is wrong. 

We need to grow up spiritually and see things from God's perspective. If you are a white male, you are not better than anyone else. If you are a black woman, or a Muslim or Latino, you don't receive special favors from God because of your status. God wants us to help the poor and educate those who need training for a lifetime career. He never intended for us to live on handouts from the rich, nor be beggars. God has a special plan for each one of us. Each person is unique and given special skills and talents to use for his or her lifetime vocation. We need to encourage each other and love one another so each person can be everything God wants them to be. 

* Ocean Robbins (Food Revolution)