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Friday, May 9, 2014

Radically Saved!

   I think sometimes people get saved, yet it is more like following a formula that will work to get us into heaven. Sometimes, God really does work in that. Other times, I am not so sure.
   Take for example, children who are brought up in Christian homes, and live in a Christian environment all their lives. At some point, they understand that God is holy, and that they aren't, so they put their trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior from their sins (probably more like the Savior from the penalty of their sins). From that point on, they live a 'good life' and they think they are good to go. And maybe they are. But possibly they aren't. It's hard to say.
   But here's a true story of someone who got radically saved.
   Years ago, when Jesus was living on our planet, there was a man who had several demons living inside of him. The man was tortured by these demons and was made an outcast. He lived in the cemetery among the tombs. I can't imagine how horrible this was. This man was somebody's little boy at one time. Maybe he was once a husband and father. How this man ended up with all these demons inside is not known. But he had to live in seclusion, for he was dangerous to other people.
   I don't know how long he lived in the cemetery, but when Jesus came along, I'm sure he was relieved. Maybe he prayed for deliverance. Perhaps he didn't even know there was such a thing as deliverance. God had mercy on this man though, for one day, Jesus came his way and cast every demon out of him.
   The man was so relieved and thankful. But when Jesus got ready to leave, he wanted to go to with Him. Can you blame him? I would want to go with Jesus too, if I had just gotten delivered from something so horrible as demon possession.
  What was really neat about this story, is that Jesus told the man to go back to his town and tell the people what God had done for him that day. He did. And the people marveled.
  You can read this event in Mark 5, the first 20 verses. This is what happens when people have radical conversions. But every conversion should be radical! Conversions are radical when we are desperate for God to save us from our sin, and from His wrath.
   Being a Christian is not just going to church on Sunday, turning our tithe check in, praying every day, and reading our Bibles. We do those things because we have eternal life in us. But if we don't see God for who He is, we will remain unaffected and everything we do will just be a 'form' of godliness, but without the power of God.
   It seems like, more times than not, that those who come to Christ from a non Christian background, are the more radical Christians. They are the ones who are filling the prayer rooms, and evangelizing. Many of these people realize the ugliness of their sin. But in reality, all of us have ugly sin. We seem to see it better when we come in from the outside.
  I guess the only answer I can come up with, is to study God's attributes, study sin from the Bible's perspective, and ask God to search your heart and show you your heart. Be willing to let God show you things that are evidence of sin in your heart. When you have enough conviction of sin, you will understand the meaning of the Cross, and how sin affects your relationship with God. Those who have been delivered from sin and addictions even have a greater appreciation of the Gospel of hope. When we have this hope in us, we can share it with others. Then other people will begin to experience freedom from sin, not just forgiveness of sin in order to get into heaven. He whom the Son sets free, is indeed free'! That makes for a radical conversion!

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