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Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Overheard A Woman Recommend 'Love Wins' - How Should I Respond?

I Overheard A Woman Recommend 'Love Wins' - How Should I Respond?

May 1, 2014

   Before you read this, please note that I am not bringing these names up to cause people to slander. I only bring them up because there is much concern for what Rob Bell teaches and whatever those who attend 'Status' are learning. It is one thing to rake someone over with coals, but it is another thing to bring up issues that need attention. That is what I am hoping to do here. 

      I was out today and I overheard a woman who was being asked questions about where she attends church. The woman was young and her answer was that she went to 'Status'. I already encountered a few young people from 'Status' a couple of years ago and figured out what this 'church' stood for rather quickly. 
  The college age students who went to Status were upset because I was doing evangelism. They claimed that Jesus doesn't want people to do evangelism or use tracts and that people who use tracts give them out so they can check off the box on their list of good works. The students went on and told me to read a book by 'Rob Bell' called, 'Velvet Elvis'. 
  I wasn't overly familiar with Rob Bell, but I had heard negative things about him, so I investigated. I read a critique on 'Velvet Elvis' and easily understood why the college students didn't think evangelism was a good idea. I'll make it simple and clear: Rob Bell hates evangelism. He hates evangelists. You don't have to do too much research on Rob Bell and his teachings to see this. For example, Bell has done a video called, 'The Bullhorn Guy' in which he blasts evangelists who preach openly using bullhorns. But before you get too angry with Rob Bell, take a look at what he is angry at first, and you just might have some sympathy on him. Let me explain.
  There are those who do evangelism using bullhorns, or, maybe better known as megaphones or amplifiers. Sadly, there is a group of them who yell at people and call names. For example, Micah Armstrong, who goes to colleges to 'preach' whatever it is he is preaching, saw a young woman going past, and he called out to her, 'Hey whore'. He is not the only one who does this. There is a whole group of them, and they way they come across is very much like Westboro did. These people do not show the God of the Bible, and we should be angry at what they do. But they are not the whole story.
   Just as there are those who use bullhorns and resort to name calling, there are those who really love God and do evangelism out of that love. Many Christians really do want to make God's name known in truth and bring glory to Him in their lives. Rob Bell doesn't seem to understand this though. He throws the baby out with the bath water. 
  The god that Rob Bell believes in is the 'all-loving', 'all-forgiving' god of his own imagination, and in the imagination of many other 'Christians' as well. The Bible says that 'God is love', so, in part, Rob Bell is correct. He knows that the 'god' of Micah Armstrong and his ilk are not the God of the Bible. But sadly, Bell does not know the God who is holy and just. Nor does he understand our sinful, deceitful hearts which need to be redeemed.
   As I was in the room listening to the conversation with the two women, my heart was breaking. The woman who asked the original question said she may attend, at the other woman's invitation and recommendation of Status. I'm glad I didn't react, but I would have loved to. 
  The conversation continued. The woman who went to Status also mentioned the book, 'Love Wins'. Of course, this only confirmed my theory of this 'church' and its ideas and worldview. It draws a lot of young people and I am only guessing, but, I think, from what little I know already, that this church is build upon catering to young adults. I can't imagine whoever preaches in this church, his preaching the Gospel message, or even talking about sin and redemption. 
   I didn't respond to the woman and I'm glad because God wasn't leading me to do that. But I have an urgency to tell my friends about this particular 'church'. Yes, we will win people with God's love if it is really in our hearts, but as someone said, 'God's love is not a pampering love'. God's love can make our lives challenging and uneasy at times, but it is for our good. As we become conformed to the image of Christ, we will experience hardship and pain. It is all part of growing. God never intended us to have a life where we could just sit back and do whatever makes us happy and whatever is easiest. Life, by nature, is hard. All of us need God's grace and help. 
   If you are a young person and if you go to Status, please consider the reasons why you would be part of this kind of church. And if you enjoy reading Rob Bell's book, ask yourself why. This kind of thing does not line up with the Bible, and we need to be careful of what we get involved in. I care enough about you to want you to consider what is best for you and your friends and family. Please take what I have written into consideration.
God never had a beginning. He
has always been in existence and
He always will be. Eternity will have
no ending either. It will continue for
eons and eons and eons more.

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