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Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Mother's Day Wish For All Moms

   When women get pregnant and have a baby, their lives are changed forever. This little baby has captured her heart. Through God's common grace to all mankind, moms seek to protect their little boys and girls, and want the best for them. Moms will do anything to help their children succeed in life. As Christians, Moms are concerned also about the spiritual state of their children.
  Every mom who knows the Lord wants each of her children to come to know Him too. Moms and Dads take their children to church meetings, and activities, hoping that at some point the children will start seeking the Lord on their own. They also faithfully pray for the salvation of their children. But how disheartening it is, when the child goes astray, or, never comes to faith in Christ.
   Here is the story of one mom who prayed for her son to come to know the Lord. In fact, her husband lived a wild life and the son followed in his dad's footsteps. This mom prayed fervently for her household to come to Christ. God heard her prayers.
  It was around the mid 300s, when Monica prayed fervently for her son, Augustine (pronounced Augustin). She was given in marriage to a man named Patricius, who was not a believer. Monica had been brought up in the Christian faith by her maidservant. Patricius was also brought up in the faith by this maidservant, but salvation did not take root in his heart yet. Monica sought to win Patricius with her actions rather than words, based on 1 Peter 3. Because of this, her mother in law came to Christ and eventually Patricius did as well, although it was at the end of his life.
   Augustine was given an excellent education, which Monica hoped would position him to respond to the Gospel, but instead, he continued in his wild ways. He continued in rebellion, while Monica continued in fervent prayer. At some point later, Augustine left to go to Italy, and Monica followed. It was there, in Milan, where she attended a church pastored by Ambrose. Ambrose befriended Augustine and that was when Augustine became converted.
  Although it is not in this article, I have read that Monica died shortly after Augustine came to Christ. Little did Monica know the impact her son would have for the cause of Christ, as she prayed daily for his salvation.
  Read the full article here: http://www.christianity.com/church/church-history/timeline/301-600/augustine-couldnt-outrun-mothers-prayers-11629656.html
  God heard Monica's prayers. She prayed for those in her household to come to Christ, and they did.
My wish for all moms, including myself, is that every child that is born to a God-fearing mom, will come to Christ. My wish is for genuine conversions as well as for radical conversions. I pray that we will all live lives that reflect the true and living God, and that there would be nothing in the way of the view of God, for our children to see Him clearly and to want to know Him.
                       Happy Mother's Day!
God will hear the prayers of praying moms

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