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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Life is Only A Vapor - We Are Born And Suddenly We Are Not Here Any More

   I'm not sure which blog to write this in, but I just am pondering how fast life goes by. I am always asking for trouble when I listen to music I downloaded from I-Tunes that I have put into the playlist called 'Memories'. In the playlist, I have songs from when I was probably around 2 years old and then other songs that follow through the rest of my life. What a blessing technology is, but how sad of a reminder that we don't stay children forever, but we all grow up and then get old.
  I've been thinking of how fast my children have grown up. It seems like I was pregnant with my last one. That was 21 years ago, which is hard to believe!
    Some of the songs remind me of when my grandfather carted us places or played with us. He even build a sandbox and painted a picture of me on it! Other songs remind me of Saturdays when my dad was home. My dad was a gallivanter though, so we would make many trips to NYC or wherever he wanted to take us. One time, he took us to the lake at the end of the road, when the lake was solidly frozen and we went 'skating' in our socks! We would all go down there as a family during the summer, and go swimming.
   One song reminds me of when we lived in Whippany, NJ. Life was very strange there, and it was there that I almost drown in a small swimming pool. So grateful that, in God's sovereignty, I didn't drown. I recently found out that three of my school mates have passed away. One of them was my best friend when I lived there.
   Then we moved away to Florida, due to the snow up North, and an inner ear infection my mom had, but would only be cured if we moved south, at least that is what she was told. It was in Florida where I came to Christ, got married, had children, and will probably die, unless the rapture comes first.
  We were talking about how fast our lives go by, when my mom mentioned again that it wasn't that long ago when I was little. Sometimes, it seems like a long, long time ago, but other times, it doesn't. It really wasn't that long ago, when I was at my grandparent's house playing with all the colorful soaps Nanny used to buy, or, when I locked myself in our bathroom because I wanted to play with the soaps at our house, but couldn't open the door because my hands were too slippery. My parents were desperately trying to get the door unlocked and let me out, and my dad tried to get into the bathroom through the window! It wasn't big enough for him to get through, but I will always remember his trying to stick his head through and not being able to get all the way in.
   Life goes on and is going by fast. No more New York Pizzas or Chinese food from Uncle Willie's restaurant, but we continue on going forth. God has given me a great life, even with its many hardships, but I can't be stuck in the past. I miss the past, but God has many plans for the future, that will end up with eternal results, and I must keep on looking forward, not backward. Now I am a grandparent, and it won't be long before I will be a great grandparent, I'm sure.
   The Bible says that life is like a vapor. Even if we live to be 100, that is just a drop in the bucket compared to eternity. God had given me all the people in the past to help me become what He wants me to be today. Life will continue, if I live or even if I die. What counts is Who I live for today. Will I continue to walk with the Lord and grow spiritually, or will I live in my memories of yesterday? How will my short life count for God? How can I live out the rest of my days for His glory? Those are the questions I am asking myself today. I want to create a legacy for my family!
Johnson's Beach at Lake Parsippany. My dad took us skating
here in our socks. My grandparents brought their canoe here
and it capsized!
"Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes." James 4:14 NIV

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