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Monday, March 10, 2014

What Would It Look And Be Like If The Entire World Were Communist Or Islamic?

   Fear of being controlled by a group or an authoritarian figure has always been a threat to societies. Since the fall of mankind (recorded in Genesis 3) people have always been struggling for power and control, and controlling others through manipulation or bribery. Throughout History, people have been in bondages to tyrannical governmental leaders who were power hungry or greedy, and used greedy people at the citizen's expenses.
  In more recent History, we saw where Fascism destroyed millions of people, and where Communism sought to take the rights of people away, except where there was agreement among the governmental figures. These people too became rich at the expense of those under their rules. They lived in luxury while their people starved to death. (Research North Korea, for example).
  I find it interesting that our public schools took out Americanism vs. Communism. The authorities said that it wasn't necessary anymore since we aren't fighting Communism. Wasn't that around the same time the Madeline Murray O'Hare got her way by getting prayer taken out of the schools? And isn't it interesting that, God forbid, if a teacher wears a pin to school saying, 'I love Jesus', he or she gets reprimanded, but, some of our textbooks that are being printed recently are subtly bringing Islamic topics into the picture? How about the subject of the Theory of Evolution being mandatory in teaching student in our science classes?
   Communism, Islam, Fascism, and a few others are basically forms of tyranny. The leaders of governments defined by these groups are using their power to lessen the power of the people. That is why big government is a bad idea. The original intention of the government in America was to give more power to the people, and less to the government. If we were able to be people who have developed self-government, there would be less need for more government. But, people today, for a variety of reasons, need the government to take care of them, because they are not able to care for themselves. That makes a government grow.
   Let's say that the whole world became Communist. Let's say that every country had its Communistic leader. What would that look like? People would depend upon the government for everything. People would not be allowed to worship the true and living God, nor would they be allowed to live out their lives for His glory, because they would be put to death. The Communistic leaders, because they have a fallen nature, would become more and more greedy, and the citizens would lose out. Many would faint because of the hardships that would be required from them. Homeless people would suffer. But, pay attention. Those who are lazy and looking for a governmental handout are going to suffer too. In order to fit into a Communist country, you have to fit into their mold for citizenship. Because Communism is based upon deceptive principles and philosophies, you would be led to believe that a Communistic or Socialistic leader would be good to have. Before the country becomes Communist, you will be lied to. You will be promised nice toys (like free cell phones and food stamps), but once the Communist leader is in place, the government is going to turn on you and make you work hard. If you can't look past today, you are pragmatic and don't have an eternal or futuristic perspective on life. What you get for free today, you will be paying for your life for, tomorrow.
   If the world turned Islamic, there would be similarities to Communism. Islamic people believe they worship Allah, but in reality, they don't know Allah personally, because there isn't much revealed about him in the Koran. Islamic people do want to control the whole world. When I say this though, I want to explain that most people who are Muslims are not radical. Many of them are just simple people who want to get along with their neighbors. Many are identified with Islam because they were born in Muslim families. When I talk about Islam taking over the world, those I am referring to are the Radicals. Islam is not only a religion. It is also a political platform with the goal of destroying those who will not 'submit' to Islam. Again, fear is used and once control is in place, those who do not submit to Islam will be killed. Many will 'submit' but only to spare their lives and those of their families.
   Whatever the whole world would turn to, whether Islam, Communism, or other tyrannical form of government, it would take away the freedom of the people to choose what they want to believe in, who they would marry, where they would live, what they would be able to own, and a host of other situations that would be created in this kind of setting. Those who led North Korea actually created situations that led to worshiping the leaders. The leaders' pictures were in every storefront. One leader actually claimed to be the provider of food for the people in North Korea and they were to look to him as their provider. One of them rewrote the 10 Commandments, but put his name in the place of God's name.
   While these leaders, whether they realize it or not, are looking for worship of themselves, the tables are going to turn on them. You see, the ultimate goal of all this is not about them. It is the devil who has given them power, but the devil has deceived these leaders into thinking that they will rule the world, and how cool that will be when they are the ultimate. But, the devil will pull the rug from under their feet one day, and instead of worshiping Kim Jong, or Mao Zedong, Satan himself will rise up and demand everyone alive on earth to worship him. Maybe this is what is going to happen in the world, according to the book of Revelation? The devil is using these leaders as puppets for his glory. When he is done using them, he will dump them and exalt himself and demand worship from human beings everywhere. Satan uses manipulation, bribery, and deceit to get his way. Sadly, we listen to him. We give him what he wants when we don't trust in the true and living God. Satan promises us that we can control our lives and he lies by telling us that God is not to be trusted. He would love for us to believe that God is not good, and that God is tricking us into obeying Him. That was the lie he gave to Eve in the Garden, and he is using the same trick today on us.
   What would the world look like under Communistic or Islamic rule? At first, some people would be really happy, while others would begin to feel the oppression set in. But after a while, when everyone is deceived or trapped, Satan will rise up and demand all to worship him. We think that we are fighting against people groups, but in reality, we are ultimately fighting against Satan. Unless he can deceive and control the whole world, he will not get the worship he desires.
   The devil would love nothing more than to have every human being killed. He hates human beings with a fervent passion. You might wonder why this is. One reason, is due to the fact that human beings are created in God's image. Another reason is that Satan knows that he was defeated by God's Son, Jesus Christ, when Jesus died on the Cross. Satan is filled with pride and the desire to control. God's word tells us how we can conquer or overcome the Enemy. That's why there is such an attack on God's word. Satan knows it is a weapon that can be used against him, if God's people are wise enough to know how to use it.
Can you see that the issues of government are more than
physical battles? We are fighting against spiritual forces.

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