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Spiritual Warfare Prep
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Friday, March 21, 2014

Barbara and Nancy - A Very Sad Tale

     The story I am about to write is based on a true story. It is a very sad story, and I am writing it with the hopes that we will continue to fear the Lord, and not go astray from Him. The names are changed for obvious reasons. I hope this story will make us guard our hearts and be vigilant against temptation to sin  or make sinful choices.
   Barbara and Nancy were like best friends. Both were married and quite involved in the church. Both also had three young children.
   Barbara was tied into the church and worked there for a season. One day, she decided she wanted to date men again, and didn't want to stay married. She left her husband but took her kids with her and found a place to live. Nancy decided that she too, wanted to date other men. Nancy and Barbara lived in the same home with their children. I'm sure the husbands were devastated, but now they were out of the picture.
   Barbara found a man she liked. He was a former prisoner, but I guess that didn't matter. They had dated for a while when one evening, Barbara doesn't come home. No one knew where she was. A search went on to find her, but nothing turned up.
   Barbara's boyfriend, of course, was a suspect in the crime. He made a remark that gave a clue that he might have known where she was. Nothing more happened though, and Barbara never was found.
   At some point later, possibly years later, the boyfriend told what had happened. An argument erupted over who should pay for the abortion that Barbara had. Barbara thought the boyfriend should have paid. He said that he never wanted her to have an abortion, so he threw her out of the truck and ran over her body. That was the end of Barbara. What a sad story.
   Barbaras are all around us. In America today, we feel special and think we should be treated like royalty. We feel entitled to certain things. We forget that we have forsaken God and gone after idols. We have believed the lies Satan tells us, when he says that God is not good. The devil tells us that God wants to take our fun away, and that we will be happy if we have an affair with that co worker, or neighbor. Yeah, we will be happy alright, but for a short season.
   Do we think God will allow us to get away with sinning, especially if we have called upon His name? When we go off and live autonomously, we take ourselves out of God's protection and are vulnerable to danger. God wants us to live in a strong relationship with Him, not in rebellion against Him. We will either suffer the consequences now, or if not now, at the Judgment on That Day. We are not hiding anything from God. God knows everything you have done and everything you will do. We will give account of our lives to Him. Wouldn't it be wise to fear His name and live out our lives for His glory instead of our own?

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