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Spiritual Warfare Prep
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

You Might Fool People But You Can Never Fool God!

People can be clever. We can hide things from our friends. Sometimes, we hide things so well, that we end up suffering when we could have opened up and talked about whatever it is we are hiding.

  I remember seeing a video somewhere where a man was walking on a sidewalk, and he looked in all directions to make sure no one was looking. When he saw no one around, he tossed his banana peel into someone's yard. He knew that if someone saw him doing that, he could have ended up in trouble, but since no one was around, he went ahead and did what he knew was wrong. But was there really no one around?

   God is all-knowing. God is all-seeing. God saw when the man tossed the banana peel out. The man was not aware of that though. You see, people think that if God is really watching, then they would get caught. Since they do not get caught, they continue to do wrong things. But one day, it will catch up with us. We will all stand before God and all our banana peels that we tossed will have been recorded.

   People, many times, don't have a clue. When the disciples were gathered at the Last Supper, Jesus informed them that one of them would betray Him. No one could figure out who that person was. But God knew what was going to happen, and He knew which person was going to betray Jesus.

   We look at people's appearances but God looks at their hearts. God sees all the wickedness inside of us. We might try to hide it from others, and we might even be successful, but God knows what is there.

   No one has to hide anymore. We can bring all our sins to the Cross and God will remember them no more. We will not have a reason to hide. No more guilt or shame either. God can take all that away and He will if we repent and turn to Him. We must acknowledge the seriousness of our sins and the power of Jesus Christ's death on the Cross to pay the penalty for those sins. God will cleanse us from our filth and He will also set us from from the snare of sin. Our identity can be in Him, and not in the crimes we used to do.

   Yes, God knows every detail of your life. He knows what decisions you will be making 10 years from now. He knows the times you tried to deceive others. He knows the guilt you have for the things you have done in the past. He is the only One who can help us out of our sin.

   For more information on the Gospel and what God has done for us, please go to http://thegospelconversation.blogspot.com or http://test4gp.wordpress.com

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