Spiritual Warfare Prep

Spiritual Warfare Prep
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thought For The Day On Islam

   I know that with all the talk on Islam and all the advances they are making, many of us are beginning to be afraid of what might happen to us. Should we be concerned? Yes, we need to be, but, there is something that can counteract Islam, and I think we are in fear, and our fear is causing us to not look at how we can respond.

   The way to counteract Islam is with the Gospel. For some reason, we are not thinking of this. The Gospel is the cure for Islam. The Gospel is the cure for homosexuality. The Gospel is the cure for all of our sins, whatever they are.

   The Gospel is not a quick fix so that we can bypass hell and get to heaven when we die. The Gospel is the cure for all of our souls. If we miss the Gospel, then we will be disadvantaged, ourselves.

  The Gospel counteracts everything that opposes it. We counteract error with truth. Are we teaching others the Gospel or are we cowering in fear and forgetting the Gospel?

   The Bible says to 'preach the Gospel'. We have a call to do the work of evangelism. Because we are so used to having everything convenient, we leave the work of evangelism to others, while we want the benefits of being part of a church. But being in the Army of God is hard work, and everyone who has put their trust in Jesus Christ is called to serve in this army, whether they want to or not.

   The Gospel is the cure for Islam. While we live on this earth, we cannot eradicate sin from this earth and from every single person living, but it will bring light to the lost and also correction to those who are in error.

  Always keep in mind *Islam must bow it's knees before Jesus Christ*.

   We don't have to fear Islam, even though it could cost us our lives, but we do have a responsibility to preach the Gospel and do evangelism. Who knows, perhaps if we had been doing evangelism all along, our country would not be in the condition it is in today, and Islam would have been put at bay, at least around us.

   It's time to pray for our country, and preach the Gospel. It's time for us to be discipled and to be discipling others. When this happens, change will take place and we will have the power of God to counteract the sin in our own lives and help others to be delivered from their sins. This is what we need to be doing. This is what we should start doing today.

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