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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Life Really Is A Vapor

Wow. I just came back from my 40th high school reunion. It was nice to see people who I used to know in school, many years ago. But what was surprising was 1. how different most of us look and 2. How many people have passed on.

  I don't think of myself as that old, but I heard words tonight like 'retired' and 'passed away'. In my class, there were at least 27 who have gone on into Eternity. That's scary. Some of them died from cancer. Others had heart attacks. A few were killed in an accident.

   Maybe I just have a good memory, but I remember when those old people (Mostly gray haired or bald) were kids. I remember clearly some of the things they did. But 27 of them are no longer with us?

  As I looked around the room many times, I saw old people. These people are my peers. They are the same age I am, or close to my age. This just shows more and more that life is just a vapor.

   For those of you who are young, you might be thinking of your life as so restrictive and boring, but, one day you will be on your own, and you will appreciate all the boundaries that are placed around you now. One day, you will not have mom and dad to make the rules, and you will be out on your own. But realize this; your life is like a vapor. It is here today, and gone tomorrow.

   It seems like not that long ago, I was in school with these people. Then we graduated and went to college or got married, or whatever it was we did, we did it. Then we had children and then our  children  grew up and grandchildren came and then it's time to retire. What happened? Life happened. And it is only a vapor.

  No one knows when the vapor from their life will disappear. No one is guaranteed a long life, or even tomorrow. What we do today counts for Eternity. For those who know the Lord Jesus Christ, the things that are done today will effect the things that will happen in Eternity. For those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ, the works that are done will be paid for in a place of torture throughout Eternity.  Whatever we do, whatever we sow, we will reap benefits or repercussions.

   Last year, I found out that three of my class mates from a school I went to up North have passed on, including one of my best friends in third grade. The older we get, the more friends we will have lost. I wonder how many will have passed on by the time we have our 50th class reunion?

   James tells us that our lives are like a vapor. Our lives will be over with in the blink of an eye. We could say, along with the Ghost of Christmas Present, "Remember Scrooge, life is short, and suddenly you are not there any more."

   Will our lives count for God and His glory, or will we live them out for our own glory and desires?

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