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Friday, July 31, 2015

Why Is Abortion Considered As Part Of Women's Health Care?

When those who point out the errors of the abortion clinic, those who are pro-choice are quick to defend themselves, referring to the activities they do as 'Health Care'. It is specifically pointed out as 'women's' health care, at that.

But it is really health care? How can we defend one person's health at the expense of another's health? This just doesn't make sense.

When one person has to die, for the sake of the health of another, that is not health care. That is murder.

  There are many inconsistencies in the belief system of these people who practice doing abortions. Those who support abortions claim that the fetus is just a blob of tissue. Now that it has been exposed that Planned Parenthood supports those who slaughter babies in the womb, and take their body parts and sell them on the black market, some are looking for the organs of the baby so they can use them for their benefits.

   This 'blob of tissue' has organs. How about that. You and I have organs. How can something that is just a blob of tissue actually be so valuable to those selling it's body parts?

   Women talk about having rights to their own bodies. They will admit that the baby inside them is not part of their body. Yet, they destroy this little one living inside them. Go figure.

   It all comes down to 2 things; money (power) and convenience. It's ironic how we listen and follow those who are leading our societies, yet, we toss out the word of God. Which one is valid, especially when they contradict each other?

   God doesn't change. His principles don't change. What He said 6,000 years ago still applies today. The Bible explains that grass withers and flowers fade away, but the word of the Lord abides forever. It will never go away. Even if 100% of the population disagrees with God, God is still God. He is still on the throne, and He is still calling people to Himself.

   I can't believe people are so naive to believe the lies of those who are promoting abortions. I guess those who tell lies are the ones who embrace liars. That is how it works. Babies in the womb are human beings. The devil hates human beings, because one day, he will be defeated by God, through the means of human beings.

   One day, if you have had an abortion, you might wake up to the reality of what you have done. There are ministries out there for women who have had abortions who are now suffering because of what they have done. God forgives those who come to Him in repentance and faith. He knows whether a person is truly repenting, or if he or she is really faking repentance.

   If you have had an abortion and are proud of what you have done, know this; one day, you will face a holy God on Judgment Day. It will be horrible. You will see that you have murdered someone. You might not believe it at this time, but you will be faced with it then. You will feel terrible, but it will be too late. That is why God commands us to repent today, before it is too late.

  You see, your problem isn't that you wanted good health care in this life, and thought you got it when you had an abortion. The problem is that you don't fear God, or really believe He will punish you for your sins. You see others shaking their fists at God and you think that if God is really there, He would strike them down. But you forget that God is a merciful God, not wanting anyone to perish. He waits patiently for people to turn to Him, but He doesn't wait forever.

   God still could allow the person who shakes his or her fist at Him, to be struck down. Sometimes that happens too. Either way, we will not get away with mocking God.

   God's word tells us that we cannot do whatever we want to our bodies. We are responsible for taking care of them. Having an abortion is not taking care of your body. It is harmful to you, and it is murder for the little person inside, no matter how small or undeveloped he or she is. We are not to have sexual relationships outside of being married. We are not under God's protection for us when we live immoral lives. And killing a baby is not an answer to this dilemma. Two wrongs do not make something right. It only adds to our list of sins that we will have before we stand before the true and living God.

   The root of your sin is not that you got pregnant. It goes much deeper. You are not properly related to God and need to acknowledge your need for Him. You need Him as the Savior for your sins. You need Him to give you a new heart that loves doing good, even if it is expensive or inconvenient. You need Him to be the focus of your life. Without Him, you will be spiritually dead.

   One more thing; Many who practice doing abortions or who work at an abortion clinic will tell you that you are doing God's will by having an abortion. They might tell you that Jesus is pleased that you are going through with the abortion and they might even pray for you. Don't be tricked. The Jesus they are talking about is not the same one as the Bible teaches. It's time to look into God's word and see what God has to say about things.

  "The thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy, but I have come that they might have abundant lives." (Words of Jesus Christ from the Bible in John 10:10). If you haven't figured it out yet, the 'thief' is the devil. The devil is behind women having abortions. He calls the services provided 'health care' and he tells us that we are entitled to anything we want. Could this be the reason why we are struggling so much as a nation of people?

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