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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Can Homosexuals Who Use The Bible As Toilet Paper Ever Come To Christ?

Every week we have some new issue we are dealing with that come up in our social media forums. This past week it is no different. We have a transgendered man who talks like a man but looks like a woman, defending those who believe in the act of surgically changing our genders, and giving plausible reasons why we need to applaud such people.

Then there was the article of Gay people parading around doing the act of taking pages from the Bible and wiping their anuses with them.

Friends, we live in a very strange time, where people seem to be going further and further into darkness and have more desire to pull away from reality.

What I am reading in these posts, and especially in the comments, sounds like some kind of Doomsday response. Yes, we have problems. They are serious. We need to take them seriously. But we have relegated them to some kind of hopeless endeavor?

There were a couple of posts concerning the Gay people of a certain community, who ripped pages of the Bible and wiped their hineys with them. Obviously, these people do not fear God, and further more, they are angry with God. They are angry with Him because He doesn't see things their way. So, they are becoming vengeful toward God's people, those who have put their trust and hope in God's Son, Jesus Christ, for their sins.

First of all, these people do not have to be angry with Christians. They can take the Bible and rewrite it and have their own churches that teach whatever they want to believe. People do this all the time. That is how cults get started.

Secondly, I believe these people know they are sinning against a holy God. If they didn't know, they wouldn't take the Bible and rip it apart to wipe themselves with. I don't believe in Allah. But Allah is no threat to me, and therefore, I do not have to take the Q'ran and rip it apart to use it as toilet paper. The words on the Q'ran do not have power and therefore they do not mean anything. So, right there, these homosexuals show that they know what they are doing, and that they are committing sin before a holy God who they will one day face.

Thirdly, I see some comments on these threads that are from well meaning people, but I wonder where they are coming from. Perhaps they see some kind of consolation in bringing out the fact that God is going to destroy these people. Yes, God promises that He will destroy them. But, we have to remember that God is patient with us, and wants all to come to repentance, even the homosexual. We also have to remember that no person is too difficult for God to save.

I have said this in other places recently, but I think we have been led to believe in a small God, instead of the powerful One He presents Himself to be in the Bible. I think, because we have had conferences limiting God's power, that leads us to believe that God is somehow just taking a vacation from showing His greatness and holiness, or that we will not experience His power during this time we live, because it was only for the Apostles, not us.

What amazes me is that so many of the Christians who embrace the God who stopped doing miracles after the last apostle died (or after the Bible was canonized) are the same ones who believe that the Pope or Obama is the AntiChrist. They claim that Jesus is coming back right away because we are in the book of Revelation. Yet, they don't believe in the Supernatural God who never changes, anymore. This makes very little sense.

My point in saying this is, yes, this is serious and these people who are openly involved in sexual sin, are opposing God, but, do we believe that they could ever come to Christ? Have we ever considered praying for their souls? When we see a woman who has a man's voice on television do we just sit in judgment of him, or, do we pray for God to have mercy on his soul?

Many people have come to Christ that were unlikely candidates. One such person is Nicky Cruz. He was seething at David Wilkerson, and wanted to kill him. He came to an evangelistic outreach because he was part of the gang, and the gang went, which meant he had to go. So, he thought to himself of ways he could destroy David Wilkerson's 'prayer meeting' as he called it. By the end of the meeting, when the call to repent and turn to God was given, Nicky was one of the first ones down there. You can read about this in his book, 'Run, Baby Run', or in David Wilkerson's book, 'The Cross And The Switchblade'.

Another person who had a complete turn around was Saul of Tarsus. He too, was seething and angry at Christians. He also was involved in their murders (See Acts 8). God revealed Himself to Saul, and he was radically transformed. In fact, as a result of that, God used him to write several letters to churches that became books in the New Testament!

I am reminded of a story that D.L. Moody experienced. One night, Moody was down because he had not had an opportunity to share the Gospel that day. He saw a man under a street lamp. He went out and talked to the man about his soul. The man became angry with Moody. Another person went to Moody and hollered at him for talking to the man about his soul. I believe it was either the man's boss or client. Moody felt bad about what he had done, but he was faithful in ministering the Gospel to someone that day. A couple of days later, the man Moody had talked to came banging on his door. The man told Moody that ever since he talked with him a couple of nights before, he had been unable to go to sleep. So Moody ministered to the man and he came to know the Lord.

So, instead of just saying that Jesus is coming back really soon (which He really could be) or that God is going to judge these people (which He will if they don''t repent and turn to Him), why don't we pray for them? It is not wrong to point out that Jesus is coming soon or that God will judge those who don't repent. It is just the tone with which we are doing this.

One commenter actually believes that these people have no chance of repenting. Maybe they don't. Maybe they have committed the Unpardonable Sin. We don't know. But what if they haven't? What if God is allowing them to be publicized in order to get our attention so we will be praying for them? What if we had been praying for others all along? Would we be in this mess that we now find ourselves in at present?

2 Peter 3:9 ESV - The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.

Isaiah 59:1 ESV - Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save,
    or his ear dull, that it cannot hear;

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