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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why Are The Things of the World So Much More Attractive To Us Than God Is?

So many things to blog about, but so little time. Today, I have had three different inspirations that I wanted to blog about. They may tie in with each other, so maybe I can put them all on one blog. Wouldn't it be cool if I could do a complete blog with a complete thought in two paragraphs or less?

   My latest wonder is why we in America, in particular, don't fear God. I also wonder why we find the things of the world more appealing than we do with the things that pertain to God. Why do young adults turn to the world instead of to God? Why is the world more appealing than God is?

   I know the answer has to do with what we see spiritually. I have written about this a number of times. There were different people throughout the whole Bible who were in awe of God. We know of Isaiah, in Isaiah 6, where his eyes were opened to see God, and Isaiah was a changed man. Never would he go back to being a self serving man, who lived only for himself. And we see Peter in Luke, chapter 5. I'm sure Peter knew that Jesus was unlike other Bible teachers, but Peter was in for a surprise when Jesus told him to 'cast his net' into the water. From Peter's perspective, Jesus was not a fisherman. Jesus was a Bible teacher who had deep teachings of the Scriptures, but Peter really had no idea who Jesus actually was.

The fishermen had a bad fishing night. They caught nothing. Then Jesus gets into one of the boats and preaches from it. After Jesus was done speaking, He instructed Peter to put his nets out into the deep water. Peter then informed Jesus that it wouldn't work, for they had been fishing all night and caught nothing. But even as Peter was speaking, he changed his mind and told Jesus he would put out his net, because Jesus told him to.

   Well, the nets filled up with fish quickly, and they needed help because there were so many fish! They called the other fishermen to help out. But something happened to Peter. All of the sudden, Peter got spiritual eyes. He knew who Jesus was at that moment. Peter backed off and wanted to get away from Jesus because he was a 'sinful' man.

   When we have eyes to see God with, we see our sin more clearly. That's why I am concerned with people who deny that they have sin. When people defend themselves and try to make themselves out to be a good person, I fear for them. I wonder if they have ever 'seen' God, for if they had seen Him, they wouldn't think they are a good person anymore.

  But here is my concern, which ties in with this theme: I see professing Christians who are more enthralled with the world than with Jesus Christ. I have to ask myself, why? Are we so Biblically astute that God is more like a formula to us, than a personal being? Have we ever tasted for ourselves and seen that the Lord is good? Are we trying to make ourselves enjoy God when we really find the things of God are like drudgery?

  Here is an example of what I am talking about: This picture was on Facebook and the comments were most interesting. These young people are so intrigued by Harry Potter that they respond quickly to the post with comments that make it sound like they have some kind of relationship with Harry Potter and his friends. Kids gravitate toward this stuff. Not sure what the draw is, but am wondering why the draw for Harry Potter and friends is so much more attractive than the draw for Jesus Christ. Have we never encountered the true and living God, and have we settled for what the world thinks is great instead? I can guarantee that if a person encounters God, this encounter will be exponentially greater than any character that the earth has to offer. What is wrong with this picture? Why do children from Christian homes love this stuff? Why do our children and young adults not have spiritual eyes to see God with?
If one encounters the true and living God, they would
find that there is no match for this great, incomparable
God. If one encounters the true and living God, he or
she would gladly forsake everything else in order to
know this God.

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