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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stop Sex Trafficking

   I don't know how aware my readers are of sex-trafficking, but it is running rampant, not only in America, but all over the world.

   We ask ourselves, why would anyone want to harm little girls like that? There are a million different answers which I will not write about on this blog, but, what can we do to stop this movement?

   The main people involved in sex-trafficking and getting children involved are the parents. Fathers need to protect their daughters, but many are absent or irresponsible. Quite a few don't care. Sadly, many fathers sexually abuse their own daughters.

   Again, I don't want to go into the reasons why men would do this, but, moms are guilty as well. Some moms sell their daughters in exchange for services done by men. They hire men to do handy work around the house, and use their daughters to pay for the bills. Many dads are not even around to protect their daughters from this activity.

   The easy answer to why anyone would do this is obvious. It is caused by sin. But that is still not helpful in trying to deal with those who have been abused. Some men are perverted because they have turned their backs on God and God has turned them over to their sinful indulgences. Keep in mind that these people do not have a conscience any more. There is no remembrance of recollection of immoral activity being sinful before a holy God.

   I think the big reason though in why we have so much sexual abuse is due to generations of people who have been doing these things to their children. Any parent who is an abuser was once abused himself or herself. This could go back many generations.

   We have the breakdown of the marriage today. We have men and women living together in a sexual relationship outside of marriage. We have dead beat fathers. We have mothers who use their children's sexuality to earn money to pay the bills. The cycle goes on and on. And without consciences to tell us right from wrong, and without the fear of God in our lives, this will continue.

   I know two keys to solving this issue. One is, that the church become the church. What I mean by that is that those who know the Lord Jesus Christ will live for Him and for His glory. Those who are part of the body of Christ will love one another. Those who are part of the true church will respect God's word over what culture says. The church needs to fear the Lord once again and believe that God's word is true. God will not be mocked. But billions of people have been deceived into thinking they can do what they want and live however they please, even at the cost of other's lives. They will find a stiff penalty after they die and end up in hell for eternity.

   The second key is that Fathers need to be responsible. We are not put on earth to find the 'perfect woman' who will make us utterly happy. That is not reality. Women need to love and respect their husbands. No more of this, 'I just don't love him anymore'. That is a lie from the Enemy of our souls. If you don't love your husband, then ask God to give you a love for him. Love doesn't come naturally to any of us, except for loving ourselves. Being enthralled with someone and infatuated is not the same as love. Love involves sacrifice, and everyone who is called by the Lord must live a life of sacrifice. Remember we are not here to serve ourselves, but to serve God and those around us.

  So here are some points briefly to ponder:
*Dads, protect your daughters. Utterly important!
*Moms, be grateful for your husband, even if he isn't who you dreamed he would be.
*Moms, do not use your children's sexuality to pay for anything (jobs around the house, etc.).
*Dads, take leadership in your homes.
*Teach your children the 'fear of the Lord'
*Live your lives as if God is right with you. When you fall, call on God for help to get back up.
*Become involved in a Spirit-filled, Bible believing church.
*Serve others instead of yourselves.
*Ask God to fill you with His love and compassion.
*Ask God to give you a deep conviction of your sins.
*Ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit.
*If you have not come to the place in your life of repentance and turning to God and trusting in Him for your salvation, now is the time to do so. (see http://thegospelconversation.blogspot.com).
*If you are involved in sexual sin, and want to repent and be set free, find a church where you can get help.

All of these points are utterly important! Children have souls that will live forever. They have dignity. Those who take the dignity away from their children are in serious danger before the Lord. Please repent if you are involved in sexual abusing of children! This is not something that will pass and be forgotten about in the future. Serious ramifications will come if sexual abuse to children continues. It will affect generations to come. God takes this most seriously, and so should we.

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