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Friday, August 29, 2014

My Heart Is Heavy Tonight

  When I first came to Christ, I looked back at my life and almost had many pity parties because I would think of how hard my life was. What I didn't know....

   I had a very good life considering we live in a fallen world. I had parents who had no intentions of ever leaving or getting a divorce, yet, inside I complained because I thought my mom was too strict and my dad never talked to me, for some reason unknown to me.

   One time, when I was 14 or so, I was so irritated at my family, that I ran away. I was gone for 45 minutes, and went to a convenience store to buy some cigarettes. Not sure why the guy who sold them to me didn't get into trouble!

  Oh, what a terrible life I had! Or, did I really have a terrible life?

  Now that I am older, I have met a lot of people. I talk to homeless people quite often. I still don't understand the dynamic of people being homeless, but nevertheless, it is still very real and prevalent.

   What I never knew until the past couple of years, is how so many people suffer. Not just with a headache or a broken relationship. I mean women who were raped continually by their fathers. Men who were beaten mercilessly for no apparent reason when they were little boys. Some women I know were raped by their brothers. A few of my friends had seen people being killed. Then there is the alcohol and drug abuse, and parents who are out to lunch because they don't even know what is going on. There are moms who sell their little girls out to men in order to get a service provided.

   Did you know that there are people who are skilled in working in mind control methods into children? In order to accomplish this though, they have to put the child into traumatic situations in order to create different personalities in these children. I know this is hard to believe, but I will recommend some books below to help us understand what is going on.

   What surprises me, is how common all this is today. For some people, this is just normal life. Do you ever wonder how a person can just go on a bus and blow it up? Have you ever seen a person who doesn't seem to have a conscience? There is a good reason for it. And the whole situation is most troubling.

   I live in a bubble, a nice safe bubble where I don't see any danger, nor can I imagine the things that really go on in the world. I don't have parents fighting in my house. I don't have men who live here that I don't trust. But, this kind of danger is going on today, and it is probably in every neighborhood, and it is in the church.

   The most puzzling part of it all is the dynamic of how hidden this whole thing is. For example, I knew someone who was a victim of the parents using Satanic Ritual Abuse on her continually. One thing she told me that was interesting was that an outsider would never even detect what is going on in the home. This woman's father looked like any other hard working dad, at least during the day. The mom, who was a witch, was well respected in the community, as well as being well liked. Yet, behind closed doors, the torture took place, but only at night, for the most part, as well as in hidden places.

   My friend shared a quote from Anton LeVay, which went something like this; "Serve God during the day, and serve Satan during the night." It makes sense that they would appear to live normal lives during the day, but at night, the activities of darkness take place.

   What are the results of this horrific activity? One of the main things that happens is that it affects people mentally. They are never mentally right and have a hard time separating the truth from the lies, and even trusting God is hard for them to do.

   Many years ago, my boyfriend took me to the movies. We went to a drive in, I believe, and the name of the movie was 'Tales From the Crypt'. I don't remember most of what I saw that night, but one scene stood out and I will never forget it. It was a scene where a man stuck his head in a hole in the ground. Whatever he saw when he stuck his head in the hole, was so terrifying that when he pulled his head out of the ground, he was never right mentally again. I think that is similar to what happens to children who are raped, who see people being murdered, who have violent parents, who are abandoned, and who are mercilessly beaten. These children see horror, and they are never the same.

   Many of these people are also in a type of slave/master relationship with someone, or maybe even more than one person. A common thing I see today, is a parent who has custody of the grandchildren, and is holding their own child in a sense, as a hostage. An example of this would be a mom who abuses her child, then the child grows up being warped without any sense of value or dignity, and this child has children of her own, yet, she is unable to take care of them, so the mom steps in and gets the kids. The mom also gets money then from the government, which is supposed to go to help pay for child support, but in reality, it gets spent on liquor or drugs. The mom has the daughter 'Baker Acted' so she takes the kids, and gets money from the government for the kids, but spends it on herself instead. If the daughter was able to function like a human being, she could get her kids back, and this 'hold' that the mother has over her daughter would be broken.

   You would be surprised at how many people use the government to get money. Not all people who take in foster children do this, but a good many of them do. The money that is supposed to pay for the children's needs, goes to the person who is fostering the children, and is used for drugs or alcohol. Homes with drugs or alcohol almost always lead to abusing children. Children go without because guardians are taking money from them and wasting it on themselves.

   I don't have any more pity parties for me on how hard my life was. I actually cry thinking of how good I had it as a child. I've come out of my bubble into the real world of people who can't seem to figure out what life is supposed to be about.

   At this point, I really don't know what to do about all this, but pray. It seems like God has me encounter these people on a regular basis and I know He wants to deliver them from their bondages.

   I really want to write this blog so that others can be aware of what is going on in this really dark world that we live in every day. Most people just shut their ears to the cry of these people, either because we don't believe their stories, or, we just can't handle hearing about that kind of suffering.

   I don't have an answer yet, but I do have some direction for help. In order to help people in situations such as the ones I have talked about, we have to have the context of their environment. I have a couple of books that are helpful in understanding what is going on in the lives of so many people that we see everyday.

   It would take pages to explain all the details of what makes this whole problem and why it is there today, but I will just recommend these books. Each of them brings a piece of the puzzle to help us understand so that we can help. Remember, these are people who you might work with, or perhaps it is a cashier that you see every week. Maybe it's your child's school teacher, or maybe it is the little boy who lives next door. The only way you will ever find out is by getting to know these people and investigating their lives by asking questions. It takes a special discernment and patient love to know how to help.

Keep in mind, that unless we humble ourselves, we are not going to be much help to the suffering. In the 1800s, for example, those who made up the church were mainly middle to upper class people. They looked at those who were sick, or those who had mental problems as if they had those conditions because of their sin. As a result, the whole medical field of psychiatry had been developed. It was the church's responsibility to help the suffering and weak, yet, those who were in the church disdained those who were afflicted. So, the sick and mentally ill turned to the world for help. You can see what a mess that has brought about for us today.

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