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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Difficulties With Categorizing Homosexuality

   We have a new dilemma today, one that has not occurred yet in History. We have a dilemma because many of us are students of the word of God, and take God seriously, yet, we are encountering people who not only do not take God seriously, but have created a new category for homosexuals today.

   First of all, before I write anything else, if you are a gay person, please understand that what I am writing is not intended to 'bash' you or put you down. I believe we should respect every person, for who they are. That includes homosexuals.

   On the one hand, we really do love Gay people. We love people who are on drugs, or who are into prostitution, or whatever the difficulty. On the other hand, we have to be up front with everyone, and we will not compromise God's word, or try to twist it around to make it fit what we want it to say. Nor are we going to try to twist the words from the Constitution to make them apply to homosexuality, when they were never intended to.

   All of us, without exception, love to sin. We all have our struggles with sin. We don't like to part with sin, but if we want a relationship with a holy God, we will have to turn away from our sin, and forsake it, whatever the sin is.

   People are being taught today, mainly by liberal Christian psychologists and counselors, that people who are Gay have a sexual orientation that God gave them, and they need to live their lives according to that orientation. I don't want to have to come right out and say this, but, this is not true. God never created anyone with a sexual orientation that the person could not help. Also, the so called research that was done to try to prove homosexuality is genetically caused, is weak and biased. When we can separate what is true from what is false, we can better deal with this dilemma. This is key to understanding the problem of the day.

   We have created a new category for Gay people. Only we can't figure out what kind of category this is. Are Gay people a new race? How do you categorize this? This is the obstacle that many young people are struggling with, whether they are Gay or not. When young people hear what the Bible says about homosexuality, especially from the pulpit or from an authority figure, many automatically think the person speaking is bias or prejudice, but that is simply not the case.

   First of all, there is not a single place in Scripture where God talks about a marriage relationship between two men, or two women. There is not even a hint of it anywhere. No directives for such a type of relationship are given either. Any teachings from Scripture concerning a marriage relationship, are only between a husband and a wife. If homosexuality and homosexual marriages were valid, God would give insight into those relationships as well. Since it is not found in Scripture, that is a good indication that it is not in God's plan.

   Relationships between people are hard. Relationships with bosses, children, parents, and spouses are hard. The Bible covers those relationships. A marriage between two people of the same sex would have such difficulties as well, and probably other difficulties that normal relationships don't have. With something being so complicated as a marriage made of two people who are the same sex, if this were something God values, He would definitely give instruction and insight into that kind of relationship and the difficulties that those marriages would face.  If there are Christians who believe in homosexual marriages, God doesn't share His perspective or insights. That would be scary!

   When Jesus was describing marriage, He says that a man will leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife. Jesus never added any exceptions after that. He didn't say, 'but in some cases, a man will leave his father and mother and cleave to his husband', or, 'there will be some cases of women cleaving to their wives'. That wouldn't make any sense.

   In a Gay marriage, which husband is supposed to submit to the other husband? Which husband is supposed to be the help-mate? How can a relationship between two men resemble the relationship to Christ and the church?

   In the Old Testament, many commandments were given. Some were given as civil law for the Israelites. Some were for all time for everyone, such as the 10 Commandments and the Royal Law. One of the commandments given stated that man shall not lie with another man as he would with a woman. But it goes on to say that this activity is an abomination. There are other laws such as the eating of shellfish that is forbidden, and sowing different kinds of seed together in a field, and those are civil laws as well. But the verse in Leviticus 18:22 says that homosexual relations are an abomination. It doesn't say that sowing different kinds of seed in a field is an abomination.

   In Proverbs 6, there are listed some things that are an abomination to God, such as a proud look, shedding innocent blood, and sowing discord among believers. These things are still detestable to God. In Revelation 21:8, it lists people who will be thrown in the Lake of Fire. Among them are the 'abominable'.

   The civil laws of Israel do not apply to us today, but, when a verse says that something is abominable to God, God hates that thing.

   God didn't hate homosexuality in Leviticus 18 only during that time period. God doesn't all of the sudden have a love for homosexuality because He supposedly created some people with that orientation. I'm sure there were many during the time of Leviticus who were homosexuals who would not give up their homosexuality.

    If God created people with a sexual orientation, then that statement would not have been made in Leviticus.

  Some people would say that heterosexual relationships were necessary during the Old Testament days because people were commanded to procreate, but now that the world is filled (although it really isn't), there is no need for people to procreate anymore.

   God did command people to procreate and subdue the earth. Mankind is to have dominion over all the earth. There was a special need though, for Israel, when it came to procreation, because God was going to send Someone to rescue people from their sins, through a certain line of people. People who were in that family line had some idea that they were going to be the ancestors of this person that God was going to send, and they had to make sure that the family line would always continue. At one time, it almost got lost. Judah had three sons and they were disobedient to God, and God put them to death (except the last son). Judah knew that it was important to keep the family line going, but he was afraid to give his last son to Tamar, who was his daughter in law. She remained childless until she deceived Judah and tricked him into getting her pregnant. When Judah found out, his statement is very telling. He said that 'she is more righteous than I'. Tamar knew that the family line had to be continued. Judah kind of forgot. Everything with this promised person God would send, depended upon Judah's descendants. That's why there were strict rules concerning the sexual relationships of Judah's sons with Tamar. Onan was to raise up seed for his brother, but instead, he let his semen spill onto the ground (a form of birth control). Onan wanted the joy of having sex without the responsibility of fathering a child. This was most serious.

   Today, we are not striving to keep a family line going in order for the Messiah to come, because He has already come. But that is not a reason for people to stop procreating. God loves people. He wants families to be made. He wants moms and dads to have children and raise them up for the glory of God. God is not so much concerned if we use safe birth control, as much as He is concerned with our selfish hearts that would use birth control to keep us from having children because we don't want them.

   Obviously, homosexuals cannot procreate. This should tell us something about the nature of this kind of relationship. It is not in line with God's order.

   So, today we have many who want to insist that homosexuals have a unique orientation and that no one should challenge them. But if we never present the Gospel to them, they will not understand their sin. God's word does condemn homosexuality, along with many other types of sinful behaviors. If we are honest with ourselves, we would look to see what God says, and we would be careful to not always believe what people say. Many live on wishful thinking. Lots of people think they are going to twist God's arm to get Him to approve what they love, but what they know is so wrong. God is not going to do that. We have to remember that God loves us so much, that He does not want us to be enslaved to any sin, including homosexuality.

   But you might say, I can't stop being homosexual. Sure, it seems that way for you. It seems that way for drug users and porn addicts. They can't stop what they are doing without a divine intervention. Remember though, our only hope for any change is in Jesus Christ, not in ourselves. If we do not turn to God and trust in Jesus Christ, we will remain hopeless.

   We live in a time when we feel 'entitled' to what we think are our rights. But really, who says we have these rights? The pedophile feels entitled to fulfill his sexual desires. He has just as much entitlement as everyone else, right? The thief feels 'entitled' to steal to feed his family. People feel entitled to hang on to their sinful habits. Women who get pregnant out of wedlock feel entitled to have an abortion, because she supposedly has a 'right' to her own body, even though that means killing her baby inside her.

   There is no such rights given to us in the Bible. In fact, the Bibles tells us we are not our own, and we were bought with a price. God give us the dignity we have. Humans try to take it away. The devil lies to us to get us to do what he wants us to do, which always opposes what God wants us to do.

   If any of my readers are struggling with the issue of homosexuality, be encouraged, because God is bigger than your sin. Many say they have tried God and they still have homosexual desires (see Mel White's** book,'Stranger at The Gate')

     This is natural, because we are all born sinners. Not every person is going to be tempted to be Gay, but every person, whether they understand this or not, will struggle with sin. The problem is, that we don't want to give up our sin. We love it. We don't love the guilt that comes from sinning, but the actual sin itself, we love. Another problem could be that the homosexual really doesn't understand the Gospel, and falsely believes that he or she must be good in order to be saved. We can't be good in our own strength. If we continue to try to reform our ways in order to please God, and if we don't acknowledge the Gospel of Jesus Christ as necessary, we will continue to stay in our sins.

   I struggled with anger for a long time. My struggle got worse and I became violent. I needed help, but didn't know where to go, where I could actually work through my sin of anger. I repented of it often, but it was always there when I was tempted. At times, I would wonder, 'who could deliver me?'. It was stronger than I. If I would have known that other people struggled with anger, and would have seen how God helped them, I would have been encouraged to persevere through this difficulty as I worked through my salvation with fear and trembling. Somehow, by God's grace, I did work through it. I stopped justifying it and fully acknowledged my sin. I took responsibility for my actions.

   It is easy to justify our sin. We especially justify it when we see others living out the same sin, and saying that it is ok to sin like that. God doesn't see it that way though. God loves the homosexual enough that He gave His Son to die for the Gay man or Lesbian. The power in the blood of Jesus Christ not only forgives, but gives us the power to be free from sin.

   It's not as easy though, as saying a quick prayer or Biblical phrase, and now we are done. A gay person, as well as a person struggling with any type of addiction or sin that is holding onto him or her, will need other believers around him to help him through the season of deliverance. It takes the power of God and faithful, loving brothers and sisters to serve those who are struggling, yet want to be free.

  So, in closing here are some things to keep in mind:

* Homosexuals are human beings who were created in God's image, yet have the image of sin, due to the fall of mankind.
* Homosexuality is just one type of sexual sin. Other sexual sins are just as serious in God's eyes and also need to be addressed.
* Sin separates us from God, and ultimately, if continued in, will be punished by God in hell.
* God provided salvation and deliverance for the Gay person as well as everyone else who struggles with sin, through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ.
* Gay people/Lesbians do not have a sexual orientation given by God. That is what the world and liberal Christians want to believe is true, but isn't.
* People today, including homosexuals, feel like they have a 'right' or 'entitlement' given to them to continue in, and to have provisions for their sinful activities or lifestyles granted to them.
* All of us, before conversion, want to hold onto our sins, and do not want to part with them. If we could, we would justify them Biblically.
* God will give us grace to let go of our sins. God will deliver us from the hold of sin, if we repent and want to be changed. We must want to be delivered and set free before we would receive this grace.
* We must repent of sin (any and all sin) if we want to be saved from God's wrath. We must trust in the death of Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins, and turn to God.
* For those struggling to be free from sin, and who want to be free, realize it will take a long time to be free (from some sins), and fellowship/accountability with a trusted friend or group will be necessary for growth and freedom.
* In America today, many are trying to make a category for Gay people, but it is vague and different for each person. What is in common though, is the accusations of others that they would say are against them.
* Speaking out against homosexuality, in a loving way, is not hate speech.
* The Bible makes no provision for homosexual marriages, nor are there any directives or hints of references for homosexual relationships. There are all kinds of provisions and directives for other normal relationships. Scripture is filled with commands and principles for normal relationships, but no instructions for homosexual marriage relationships are there.
* Science has not proven homosexuality as being genetic.
* Homosexuals accuse straight people of having 'homophobia', but it is actually the Homosexuals who have this as evidenced by their reaction to any information available on the Internet or social media, as they are very sensitive to their cause. They read information through a filter that believes that the authors of the articles are out to destroy them, and many will call the words in those articles 'hate speech' even though they may not have read through the articles themselves.

   There is no category for the homosexuals living in America today. They are trying to revive something that has been going on for at least 5,000 years, and making it legal by making a category for it. Modern Gays would say that it is different than in the past (for example, Genesis 19), and they wil try to punish those who oppose it.  The general population is ignorant of this fact and when it comes to God and the Scriptures, they assume God wasn't aware of the fact that homosexuals would be struggling and actively trying to make their practice acceptable and palatable, by using science as a reason for vindicating homosexuality. (In other words, science is more valid than the word of God, even if science has not proven the fact that they say it has proven). They (and much of what I say when it comes to 'Christian' homosexuals comes from Mel White's book**) do not believe, therefore, that God is all knowing, and they also believe that God can change who He is, and that He does change. Both of those beliefs are not based upon the Scriptures which reveal the God of the Bible though. These beliefs  are based upon a religion which has made a 'god' to suit themselves, a god they are comfortable with. Simply speaking, they are breaking the second Commandment.

For more information on having your sins forgiven before God, please go to: http://thegospelconversation.blogspot.com  or  http://test4gp.wordpress.com

** I would challenge anyone reading Mel White's book, to find anywhere in the book, Mel's testimony of how he was saved by Jesus Christ, or, his understanding of the Gospel which consists of repentance of sin, turning to God, and trusting in the shed blood of Christ for salvation and the power to overcome sin.

Remember, there is hope, but it is only found in Jesus Christ. If you try to have hope in yourself or other things, nothing will happen. You will remain hopeless.

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