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Spiritual Warfare Prep
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Deep Dark Well We All Live In

   My main reason for writing this is to help clarify my basis for writing these blogs. I really want to be helpful, but I know, unless I write really, really long blogs, that people can misunderstand what I am writing, and why I am writing what I write.

   I have found this while sharing the Gospel too. One lady was so angry with me because I offered her a tract. She then told me that she hopes God judges me for what I am doing. I didn't think I said anything that was that disturbing.

   I look at it like this; we are all in a deep well together. It is not like I am outside of the well trying to get people to come up to my level. It would be more like all of us are in this deep, dark well. Some of us think we are happy here and are making the best of where we are and what we have. We really don't want to get out.

  It would be like seeing a rope dangling while in the well. Can the rope be trusted? Talk to people who have taken hold of it. They were rescued. Once they were rescued, they could see more clearly what it was that they were inside of. They know the rope is there and that it is trustworthy. Now they are telling others about the rope. They have chosen to stay inside the well to help others find the rope.

 If a person wants to take hold of the rope, he or she cannot take anything with him/her. He must let go of everything else because those things will keep him inside the well. The rope was only there for people to grab onto, not for things to be taken up.

   Many don't want to take hold of the rope. They want to keep their things, even though those things are keeping them in bondage. They don't see the beauty of being outside of the well, so they think what they have is the best of the best, when it is really only an illusion.

  There are counterfeit ropes as well. They look sturdy and strong, but when you take hold of the end, it begins to unravel or it breaks. God helps people to know when they see the real thing. They will put their trust in the true rope, the only one that doesn't unravel or break, and that is strong enough to pull us out of the well. It is true that a person can tell which rope is the right one to pick, but the person would rather choose one of the other ropes.

   God offers the true rope for all of us. Some of us have grabbed it and been pulled out of the dark well. It is time for us to go back, and help other people find the rope.

   I personally think, after listening to many people talk, that perhaps without realizing it, we still have this mindset that we have to be good to please God, or we have to do certain good works to appease Him. Sometimes, people mistakenly think that fruit bearing Christians are those who have done so many good works that they are close to God. But keep in mind that Jesus died for sinners, not for righteous people. Jesus died for murderers, liars, thieves, adulterers, haters, homosexuals, lesbians, those addicted to porn, the immoral, cheaters, selfish people and bullies. Jesus didn't die so that we could stay in the well and look at the rope. He didn't die so we could take our sins with us when He pulls us out. He died so we can be freed from the snares of sin that hold all of us, in one way or another. No person can be good enough to please God or to make up for the bad things he or she has done. Only Jesus blood can cleanse us from sin and set us free.

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