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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Lack Of Fearing God Results In Perverse Thinking and Decision Making As Well As Doubting God's Word

The whole question lies in the authority of God's word. Is God's word authoritative, or, is God's word just someone's opinion on whether it is true or not?

Back in the Garden of Eden, the devil entered a snake and talked to Eve (perhaps animals did talk to humans back then). The snake tried to reason with Eve, and he was successful in getting Eve to doubt what God said as being true.

Did God really say?????

Today, the situation is really no different. People don't know how to separate the truth from the lies. Neither do people know how to separate the fine lines of an argument or cause.

Take for example, the recent decision made by the White House. They are not going to celebrate this month by recognizing the LGBT at the White House. Two things will happen as a result of this.

One is, that believers in Jesus Christ, who hold to the Bible truths as valid for today, will rejoice. The other is that the Left will be angry. That's understandable. But the Left always goes further. They will use this against our current president and those in the White House. They have already labeled the president as a bigot. This incident will confirm their false belief that the president is a bigot. But why?

It is simply because they don't know how to separate the truth from the lies. They don't know how to separate the fine lines in an argument. Or maybe, they just don't want to. By doing this, it would upset their narrative.

I don't know how many times I have to make this clear, but people who truly know the Lord, for the most part, are not prejudiced against homosexuals. No one hates individual homosexuals. Where the division is, is holding onto what the Bible teaches about homosexuality, and not promoting the cause of homosexuality.

The Bible is very clear that homosexuality is sin. Sin is bad for anyone, not just homosexuals. Homosexuality is just only one manifestation of sin. There are thousands upon thousands of types of sins human beings do every day. Some are not noticeable, or at least to the public. Other types of sins are worth punishment, as they hurt other human beings. Some sins are against God alone. All sin is the result of heart issues that we haven't worked through or repented of.

Every person has to repent of his or her known sins, whether those sins be sexually related or of some other nature. The reason homosexuality seems to be being picked on is because, for many years, in our country, people were basically God-fearing. That means that people knew there was a standard of right and wrong, and that wrong, when found out, will be dealt with. But today, we have a perverse society, with perverse judges and governmental leaders.

So, we have a country led by people, who, in many ways, have disregarded what God's word says. Not just about homosexuality, but about everything else. We have a society where evil is called 'good' and good is called 'evil'. This is primarily because the people who live in America, for the most part, do not fear God, nor do they believe that they will be called to account one day for their actions.

So, for example again, we look at the homosexual situation. There are still God-fearing people in this nation who believe what the Bible says about God judging homosexuals. They fear God, and many fear for the people who embrace homosexuality because they know that Judgment Day is coming. We need to be ready.

The Bible says there will be scoffers in the last days. People will laugh at what the Bible says. The ACLU will continue to plow over people who hold Biblical convictions, accusing them of 'bigotry' when the issue has nothing to do with bigotry at all.

It makes it hard to help the homosexual who wants to leave the Gay life. If a person struggling with homosexuality wants to be free, it is hard to find a church which will help them. And legally, in some states, counselors, even Biblical ones, are not allowed to help the person struggling with homosexual tendencies. Because the issue, they would say, is bigotry and hatred. How sad. What a lie from the Enemy we believe in today.

We need to pray for God's help.



Did God really say?????

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