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Saturday, May 13, 2017

What Lessons Can We Learn From An Abused Woman?

Here is a very sad story about a woman who had a relationship with an abusive man. While there is a sadness for this woman, to a degree, I want to carefully help us to look at this situation in the light of what the Scriptures say. What can we learn about this? How do we look at this situation and similar ones without acting like we are 'casting the first stone'?

We are all in a mess as long as we live in this darkened world. Many people suffer at the hands of others. There are many unfair situations. But could some of these difficult situations be avoided by having the wisdom of God and by walking in the fear of the Lord?

Again, I want to make sure that no one thinks I am judging this woman or casting the first stone at her. We all get ourselves into messes like this at times, and we should be grateful when someone helps pull us out. Does everyone who is in a mess like this want out though? Has everyone heard of the way out and the only ultimate answer to our difficulties?

The story:
A woman who lives on the West Coast, describes her relationship with a man who abused her. After she was able to leave him, she saw him on the street. He did come after her, and although he did not actually meet up with her, sent her a note saying he would like to reconcile.

The woman was beyond terrified of this man because of what he had done to her. She had a restraining order to protect her from him. Whatever things ended up happening, this woman was affected mentally and needed medical help for her mental illness.

The article describes many things she went through. The man had already destroyed 3 relationships with other women whom he also abused terribly. He was even an actor and acted out a scene of abuse, which should have given a clue of his potential for harm.

The woman got pregnant by him and had to get an abortion. She went to Planned Parenthood and couldn't imaging having the baby who was the son or daughter of the man who tried to kill her.

Now, the woman complained about the GOP. I had to wonder what connection the GOP would have concerning this abusive relationship. So, I went through the whole article and it simply said that she had now a 'pre-existing' condition (her mental illness because of the abuse) and there would be no money to pay for her insurance because, according to her, the new insurance act that was recently passed, would not cover pre-existing conditions or would make the cost of her insurance too high.

The woman also lived on the West Coast, and seemed to identify herself as a Liberal. There was some bad language in the article, and God's name was taken in vain.

There was nothing in the article that indicated that she was married to this man. She also mentioned her relationship with men as 'partners' not husbands or boyfriends.

You can find this article here: https://medium.com/@kivabay/men-who-try-to-kill-me-703a526ee152

It is sad when women have to live in fear and experience the agonies that go with being abused. I don't want to make light of that, but I am not going to focus on that now. I want us to look at cause and effect in this article. We could save ourselves from much anguish if we learn from other people's experiences.

Here are my conclusions on how to look on this article:
* People today are ignorant of the Scriptures, and what God is saying to us.
* Many in our society have no fear of God.
* In the olden days, there was a standard of right and wrong. Today, much of that standard is gone.
* God tells us to be pure sexually, for good reasons.
* When we live in sin, our sins multiply and have consequences.
* The Bible tells us to stay away from angry people.
* We get wisdom from the word of God. If we don't know God's word, we will make foolish decisions.

Application of the story:
* The woman chose to live with an abusive man, even though she wasn't aware of his abusiveness at first.
* Choosing to live with someone and have intimate relationships outside of marriage is forbidden by God. We can see some of the ramifications of this in this story.
* There is always a foolish woman waiting for some man to love her and give her attention. A man who has had three abusive relationships should never be accepted by another woman in a relationship. That person is unmarriageable.
* Having an abortion, and especially expecting the state to pay for it is like trying to take 2 wrongs to make a right. Carrying and delivering a baby is part of the responsibility of having a sexual relationship. She had no right to kill her baby over this.
* The woman was steeped in believing the lies of the Enemy to her. She totally bought into his lies, and is continuing to do so.
* I guess it is easy for woman to just make a decision to live with a man vs. marrying him. And even doing that without really knowing the man's background first.
* The woman even bought into the lie that the GOP is going to enable her ex partner in continuing to harm her. She is looking for someone to blame because she believes she won't be able to get medical help.

Friends, this is what life looks like for those who are living in darkness. They get into the wrong kinds of relationships, then they get hurt, then they look for someone to blame.

The answer to all of this is found in the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Gospel means 'good news'. That implies that there is 'bad news'. The bad news is that we have been listening to the voice of the devil for so long, and we are in darkness. We need to be delivered. But, here's the problem: we have to be delivered on God's terms, not our own. Society teaches us to do things our way. Society teaches us to be selfish, and then when things go wrong, blame others. God never intended for women to live (or die) in abusive relationships. But God never intended for women to live with men outside of a marriage relationship either. God never intended for women to have abortions. God does not want people to live homeless either.

We make choices. When we choose to live against the principles in the Bible, there will be consequences. God doesn't have rules just to make us miserable. Our parents didn't give us rules to be mean. The rules protect us and keep us safe. But if we spit in God's face or reject Him, what else should we expect?

I am not saying here though that everyone who has been abused or is homeless is not following God. What I am saying is that God will take care of us, but we must be under His umbrella of care. We cannot be sleeping around and getting abortions, and expect God's blessings on our lives.

Maybe you have lived through all this hellish type of living, and maybe you want out. It is a cycle. If you are an abused woman, you have to break off with your man. God can help you.

You cannot consider getting an abortion, even if you believe in 'a woman's right to her own body' (which is another lie of the Enemy). You can put the baby up for adoption. There are many who would love to have your baby in their homes.

You also cannot blame others for the outcome of your decisions. You must learn how to take responsibility for your actions. God can also help you with that.

For more information on the Gospel message, please go to http://thegospelconversation.blogspot.com or http://test4gp.wordpress.com

Please, I urge you to get help if you need it. Find a friend or church that you can trust. It is of utmost importance.

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