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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Some Thoughts On Homosexuality

   Without wanting to sound like I am humiliating or judging homosexuals, I do want to ask some questions. I have some thoughts and would like to know how homosexuals think on these issues.

   I also understand that there are differing homosexuals. Some are gay activists, while others struggle with same sex attraction. I'm sure it feels normal to homosexuals to have same sex attraction desires. At the same time, there are upcoming groups of professing Christians who are now admitting being gay. It is mainly this group that I would like to understand where they are coming from.

   The atheist or post-modernist who is gay doesn't surprise or puzzle me. Atheists can be people who have turned their backs on God completely, and where there is no remedy for them. Post-modernists pretty much believe whatever they want to. They believe in whatever is 'right for them'. But I have seen Scriptures taken out of their contexts to make them sound pretty much the opposite of what they really mean, by those who are professing Christians who are gay.

   But all that aside, I am wondering what a homosexual thinks about God's creating one man and one woman to have a relationship where they can procreate? What I am really wondering is where is it found in Scripture that God created some people with a same-sex orientation while others are created heterosexual? If God created some people with this special sexual orientation where the person is sexually attracted to someone of the same sex, what is God's purpose for that? Why are there no directives in the Bible for same-sex relationships, like there are for marriage relationships? How are children to relate to families where there are 2 dads and 0 moms? Why can't we find any information on this in the Bible?

   If you or someone you know is gay, and is struggling with same-sex attraction, please understand that I know this is a hard, very difficult thing to be struggling with. If you want help to be able to begin the process of change, first of all, pray about it. Pray for God to help you find someone who can help you with this struggle. Sadly, much of the church is in ignorance about how to help people struggling with same-sex attraction and it can be a challenge to find someone you can trust to open up your heart to. Be honest with yourself. Don't play games with this issue. There is hope. It is the same hope offered to people who are not homosexuals. The hope of the Gospel is for every person, whether they understand their desperate need for a Savior or not. God can save and change the hardest person's heart. God can do the impossible because of the death of His Son, around 2,000 years ago.

For more information on this, please go to; http://thegospelconversation.blogspot.com 

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