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Spiritual Warfare Prep
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Friday, April 8, 2016

What Would A Boundary-less Corporation Look Like?

How does a Post Modernist live in a real world? Think about it. A Post Modernist believes he or she can set their own boundaries, whatever they want them to be. But, how does that work when it comes to getting a job, for example? If you want a job, you have to apply for the job on the terms of the employer. Whatever the rules are, you have to comply. This doesn't work for Post Modernists unless they change their mind about what they actually believe in.

Or, perhaps a better understanding of this applies to the response I have gotten from a few people when sharing the Gospel. I asked one man who believed that you can make up the rules when it comes to your relationship with God, if he believes that if the light is red, then you have to stop. He thought that was a no brainer. He told me that this rule only applies in the spiritual realm.

What do you think? Do Post Modernists only believe that the boundaries apply in the spiritual realm or do they apply to all of our worlds? What will it look like in the future if young men and women are being trained to create their own boundaries according to their own desires? What kind of bosses would we have? What would corporations look like or could they even exist without boundaries or with boundaries that conflict with other people's boundaries?

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