Spiritual Warfare Prep

Spiritual Warfare Prep
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Friday, June 19, 2015

We Are Being Bullied-We Are Being Duped

   Does the president think we are stupid? He talks about restricting gun use and desires for strict gun control, even if it means our being disarmed. He talks about this as if he is the authority on what happens. The sad part is, we are so trusting and we think that whatever he says, goes.

   But if he is speaking about something that is already established in the Constitution, he can't do anything about it. Unfortunately, those he appointed in office, and those in the government will work with him to make sure things go the way they want to. While they think we are stupid and ignorant of reality, we know better.

  Reminds me of a situation that happened when I was in sixth grade. There was a bully in my class. She had been bullying me around for 2 years at this point. One day, the teacher was in a really bad mood, and kept the class after school. The bully was sitting on the left of me, and was up to her usual antics. This time, she stated out loud, to the teacher, that I was looking out the door. Now, if you can figure out whatever is wrong with looking out the door, you are doing better than I. The teacher responded to her by making me stay after for an extra 5 minutes.

   This is a case of injustice and an authority figure not thinking clearly and not responding appropriately. But this is not much different than what is going on at the White House. We have an authority figure who is calling the shots. But his shots are not legal. Yet, either we are ignorant of that fact or perhaps we have just given up thinking that this is too big for us to deal with. We need to commit this to God.

   If the president had his way, we would lose a lot of our freedoms. Those who are in the various parts of the government are siding with him, even though what he is doing is unconstitutional. The Constitution guarantees our freedoms. We think that we will not lose them because they are in the Constitution, but the fact of the matter is, we are losing them. We are losing them because the authority figures in government are making us give them up, even though the Constitution says they are ours. We think that those in government are going to protect the Constitution, but many won't. Who can we appeal to?

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