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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Two Kinds of Homosexuals

   I don't think there is anything currently more divisive today than the subject of homosexuality. This is a very hot, sensitive subject to talk about, yet, I think there are some things that need to be clarified whenever the subject comes up.

   We need clarification simply because there are a lot of presuppositions that people have about homosexuality. Some of them are correct, yet some are exaggerated or even outright wrong. Let's try to sort out a couple of things here, so we can talk more clearly in the future about this issue and all it's complications.

   The nature of homosexuality is that of a strong pull or hold on the person. Some struggle with same sex attraction and feel guilt and shame. They don't know where they can get help, and many just resolved themselves to the fact that this strong desire is part of them, and they cannot be free no matter how much they desire to be free. Once a person has embraced homosexuality, it is woven into the fabric of his or her life. We have to keep this in mind, when we are conversing with a Gay person.

   All people know deep down in their hearts that homosexuality is wrong and unnatural. It is unnatural in the sense that God didn't create people to be homosexuals. He created man and woman to be attracted to each other sexually. Man and woman were to marry and procreate, and to live in this union as long as both are alive.

   Homosexuality is natural though, because we all are sinners and we all have our share of sins which take hold of us, and seem natural to us. Sinning is natural for human beings. Pornography is natural to those who practice it. Pedophiles find it quite natural to want to have sexual activity with children. Stealing is natural to those who don't have, or, to those who need money to buy drugs with. The more we do something, even if it is wrong, the easier it becomes for us to engage in that activity. When that happens, our consciences are not as sharp as they were. Then we start reasoning with ourselves about our sinful activities, and because we have reasons why we do something, we think those reasons justify what we are doing, even if our activity is evil.

  Much of our tendency toward sin is due to the fall of mankind (see Genesis 3). Ever since that time, the world has been in chaos. The world has been out of order. People's consciences become dull. People become more animal like than human. People's love for themselves blossoms. The more a person loves himself or herself, the less the person will love others. The desire people have for power becomes strong, and puts others at a disadvantage. The more power a person gains, the less control other people will have. All this began at the fall, yet, every person is responsible for his or her own sin.

   There are two types of homosexuals, and we need to understand the difference if we want to help those who are asking for help. Many Christians mistakenly think all homosexuals are in the same category, but this can be devastating for the ones who want to be free from homosexuality. Jesus is the Great Physician, and He came to heal the broken hearted and those who are spiritually sick. We are all spiritually sick, but most of us don't see the effects of our sin and don't realize the seriousness of our condition. We want to bring Jesus to those who want help and deliverance.

   I made reference to one group of homosexuals already, but will expound upon them. There are people in almost every church who struggle with same sex attraction, yet, many will not ask for help because the fear rejection or they fear being ostracized by others in the church. Sadly, many Christians do not understand the subtle nature of sin. They think of sin as only the outward things we do such as lying, murdering, or committing adultery. But the 10 Commandments point to deeper heart issues. You cannot take those sins at face value and assume you are safe because you don't break them on a regular basis. For example, one of the commandments says, 'You shall not murder'. We think we are safe because we literally have not murdered anyone, but, in the New Testament it is clear that there is the sin of murder of the heart. The Bible says that if we hate our brother, that we are murderers. The verse continues and says that 'no murderer has eternal life abiding in him'. Committing adultery is like that as well. The Commandment says, 'You shall not commit adultery', but Jesus explains further that whoever looks upon another person and lusts after them in a sexual way has committed adultery in his or her heart. Friends, please be aware that we might think no one knows about the secret things in our hearts, but know for sure that God does know. In fact, on That Day, everything in our hearts will be revealed. Every secret we hold dear will be made known. God is all-knowing, and He knows everything you are thinking as well as every action you take. All this is written down in a book which will be opened on 'That Day'.

   I think of a story I read in a Dear Abby column one time. A woman had been recently widowed. She thought she had a good relationship with her husband. When they cleaned out his desk, they found love letters that had been written between this now deceases man, and a woman whom he had a relationship with. Imagine the pain of this widow. Not only is her husband dead, but now she discovers that he had another woman whom he loved all along. Another story I read one time was about a woman who was divorced from her husband, found another lover, went back with her husband, got pregnant by her lover and didn't know what to do. Now she was reconciled with her husband, and he thought things were going well, but how is she going to tell him of the baby she is carrying that belongs to another man?

    Our sins are sins of the heart. They are expressed by our actions. People who are homosexuals are living out a lifestyle prohibited by God. Yet many would say that they can't change. Many feel it is too hard for even God to fix their problem. But is there hope, and if so, who can receive this hope?

   The second group of homosexuals are the ones who have suppressed God in their hearts. What that means simply is, when God would soften their hearts and give them eyes to see Him with, they basically shut their eyes and harden their hearts. They do not see God anymore, and they justify their sinful lifestyles. The scariest part of all this, is, that if they continue to harden their hearts and shut their ears and eyes to God, God will actually turn them over to their delusion. As a result of this, they will become unnatural and have desires that are not natural. Mothers will lose their maternal instinct. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.  For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world. Romans 1:19-20 ESV.

  It is this group of homosexuals that we are struggling with at present. I used to think they were just getting back at us because of what Westboro had done to their cause. But, even without Westboro, I think these people would march on into the White House and capital in order to get their way (which I am still unclear about exactly what that is). Homosexuals basically have the same rights as everyone else. They are building a case for themselves that makes them a group that will suppress others who do not agree with them. They are not content to agree to disagree. If someone disagrees with them, then that person is automatically considered a 'Bully'. If someone shares with them what the Bible says concerning homosexuality, then that person will be accused of committing the crime of 'hate speech'. These are the homosexuals who are irrational and are gaining power in society because the church is not interested in dirtying her hands with the issues of life going on around her. 

   This issue is really deeper than homosexuality. In some ways, it is not even an issue about homosexuality. It is an issue about power. Here is a group of people going to the White House with an agenda, which, if not challenged, will bring about many problems in the future concerning our freedom. 

  If you are a gay man or lesbian in this category, please realize first of all, that most people don't even care that you are gay. It is not a big issue to the majority of people in this country. You talk about people being 'homophobic', yet you are the ones that seem to have the most fear. If you could stop looking at people who love and value a marriage that consists of one man and one woman, and not take personally their values personally against you, as if they are out to destroy you, then all this uproar in our country would stop. There is no need for it. But you are making up cases that are not true and bringing them to court. This is total nonsense. Christians are not bullying you around, and when pastors and preachers teach what God says about this subject, it is because of the love of Christ and holiness of God that they are doing so. This is not hate speech. I do not feel sorry for you when you act in such a way. 

  The ones I have pity for are the homosexuals in the first group. If you struggle with same sex attractions, and you wish with all your heart that you didn't have this struggle, then you are in for some good news. God only helps those who want help. Being gay is not easy. The pull for same sex attraction is powerful. God can break that hold. Jesus died to disarm the powers of darkness, and He gives us the power and authority over the demonic realm. But it is  a process as well. For some, they might be delivered in a day. Others may struggle for months and years before they see victory. Whatever we do, we must not give up. We need to call others in for prayer and ministry (other people who we know and trust). 

  One more thought on the second homosexual group: Marriage was instituted by God. Nowhere in the Bible does it ever talk about a man being married to another man, or a woman being married to another woman. Laws can be passed in our country that will allow Gay people to marry. Guess what? In God's eyes, you are not married. God will never unite a man with another man, or a woman with another woman. You can pretend you are married all you want, but in God's eyes, it is not a valid marriage relationship. 

  So, in closing, church friends, please be discerning to those who are homosexuals. We do not initially know if the Gay person is a homosexual because he has turned his back on God and suppressed the truth of God in his heart, or, if he is a person who is struggling with same sex attraction due to the fallen nature of mankind. We can so easily destroy a person when we don't know all the facts. Also, we should not make provision for homosexuality. Homosexuality is forbidden in the Bible, as well as lying, manipulating, manifesting pride, hating, swearing, anger, control, etc. We cannot take our sins away, nor can we get rid of the nature of sin. But, we can turn to Jesus Christ in repentance and faith. He never sinned, and His life qualified Him to pay for our sins, which are many. Not only can we have our sins forgiven, but we can also be set free. Once we experience God's presence, we are changed. The Bible, when activated by the Holy Spirit in our hearts, changes us and gives us hope. God is the God of the impossible. With God all things are possible, even being set free from homosexuality. 

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