Spiritual Warfare Prep

Spiritual Warfare Prep
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Monday, February 10, 2014

God is in Every Place, at All Times, and Always Has Been There

   There are many things about God that are incomprehensible. One of them is that God does not have a birthday. He never had a beginning. There was no time in eternity past where God wasn't there. If you could pinpoint a time, He was before that time.
   Another thought came to my mind today and it is this; There is no place where God does not exist. The thought elaborated into this; There is no place inside the Universe, or outside the Universe where God's presence is not there. In other words, God is found everywhere inside this Universe as well as outside of it. If the Universe were shaped like a box, where does it end? Wherever that point is, God exists beyond that point. Is your mind blown yet?
    So, we can put it like this; There is no place inside the Universe or outside the Universe where God does not exist. How about that for the thought for the day?

God is bigger than the Universe, yet He knows how many
hairs you have on your head!
How about this one; God knows the future. He knows in detail everything that will happen. Not only does He remember the things that happened years ago, but He knows what will happen in the rest of eternity. Have you turned from your sin and trusted in Him yet?

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