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Spiritual Warfare Prep
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Is The Internet A Place Where Faith Grows or Is It A Place Where Folly Blossoms?

   I'm sure I have written on this in some other form already, or at least I have alluded to it. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others can be very beneficial for the glory of God. We can use these forms of media to communicate Truth. Truth can go around the world in a second.
  I have shared the Gospel in places that can't really be reached with the Gospel message, for a variety of different reasons. I have met Christians in other parts of the world who pray for me and for whom I get to pray and be part of their ministries. I get to share in their joys and their sorrows. I can pray for them during the difficult hours.
  I can order Bibles for people in other countries over the Internet. I can order tracts to give out to people in America and provide Bibles for them by ordering over the Internet. But best of all, I can post messages on my blogs or on Facebook that are based on Scripture. Do we realize what a privilege this is? Do we value God's word for what it is worth, or do we regard Scriptures as a 'necessary evil' so to speak? (I'm not implying that we think the Bible is evil here.) Do we look at the truth of Scriptures in a similar way as I used to look at buying clothes for the coming up school year (boring, but necessary)?
  Someone posted a message on Facebook that asked a good question. The question was, 'If you were paid to read God's word every day, would you read it more often?' If we are reading God's word because we 'have to', then we are missing something very important.
  Here is what is so important: Faith! Here's how it works: We hear God's word. When God's word is activated in us by the Holy Spirit, faith develops. We know some Scriptures on faith like, 'without faith, it is impossible to please God', or 'By grace you have been saved through faith'. But do we realize that faith is a weapon to protect us from the attacks of the devil? It is a spiritual weapon listed in Ephesians 6. Faith is not some kind of magical thing we get if we believe something hard enough. It is a supernatural working of God in our hearts. When we did deeper into the word of God, and we actually digest the word of God, many doubts are resolved and we are able to, more easily, trust in God. The devil would like nothing more than to lie to us (he does this continually) but if we know the word of God, if it becomes part of us, faith develops, and we see the lies and tricks of the Enemy of our souls much more quickly (discernment). (By the word 'know' I am not referring to memorizing Scripture, although that is fine to do if you don't trust in that itself for spiritual help).
   Finally, Facebook Twitter, and all the others can become a tool of Satan to destroy the church. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ and have a relationship with Him, the day you came to know Him, you became a target for the devil to attack. The devil hates God. The devil hates you. The devil hates people. And the devil hates, with a passion, the church (the body of believers in Jesus Christ. The family of God). The devil will pound you with lies. You are going to have to know when the devil lies to you and you will have to know what God's word really says. The devil is tricky and will not give you lies that are obvious to you. They will look like the truth. It's up to you to be vigilant and study the word of God. Digest it. Live and bask in it. It is your the main defense you have against the Enemy of your soul. Not only that, but the devil is working hard, and I am sad to report, that he is being somewhat successful in dividing up the body of Christ through the Internet. There have been blogs written, newspaper articles printed, Facebook and Twitter posts, that have destroyed people. Instead of building up the body of Christ, many Christians are tearing it down. We spend so much time picking out people we don't agree with doctrinally, and plastering messages that these people are heretics or false teachers. Don't get me wrong. We need to point out wrong doctrine that can be harmful. But do we really have to spend so much time criticizing these people? Couldn't we spend that amount of time putting out the word of God and promoting God's greatness, along with spreading the Gospel? I think this is something for us all to ponder and in the future, revisit.

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