Spiritual Warfare Prep

Spiritual Warfare Prep
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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Neighborhood Cat - The Scardey Cat

A couple of months ago I decided to make popcorn everyday for the squirrels that are in our back yard, mainly because I want to keep the squirrels away from the garden and well fed, so that they will not be as tempted to attack the plants in the garden. We had 12 squirrels at one time gathered under the tree where the popcorn was placed. But the squirrel population decreased and now we only have one or two left. But what we did get was a raccoon who came daily for his ration of popcorn as well as a stray cat. All these animals had the same coloring too. I haven't seen the raccoon lately, but the cat comes around every day. He is very thin and is probably very hungry. I got some cat food for him from the store and placed a bowlful per day for him or her. The food seemed to be gone immediately. Now I have to remember that the raccoon could be eating it as well, so I am placing more food in the back yard for them. I have been doing this for months now, yet, whenever the cat is out there in the back, eating the food I provide for him or her, as soon as the cat sees me, it runs away. It still doesn't trust me. Today I was putting a letter in the mail box and saw the cat from a distance. I informed the cat that I had some food for him/her, but as soon as the cat saw me, it ran off. Will this cat ever trust me? I think we are like that so many times. Most of us have no concept of a God who loves us and wants to be with us. We are good at hearing (and preaching) how God hates sin (and He does) and will punish it One Day. We know that people will be judged for their sins. Many do not want to give up their sins in order to be saved. But some really would, if they understood that God really does love them and wants them to be free from their sins. We are so untrusting toward God. We believe the devil's lies about God. One of the biggest lies the devil tells people is that God wants to take away our fun. He tries to get us to not trust God by believing that God doesn't want what is best for us. Yes, we are much like the frightened cat who doesn't want to come near me, but appreciates the food I give him/her. As soon as we hear God's voice, we run away (or explain it away). I have heard a phrase about God being the 'Hound of Heaven'. I am not sure of what is intended in this phrase, but I think it means that God pursues us because He loves us and wants a relationship with us. He also wants us to repent and trust in Him. When we do that, we become new creatures in Christ with a new heart. But we continually run away from God because of our own sinful hearts and the lies of the Enemy of our souls. Yes, we are much like the cat that roams our neighborhood looking for food. We gladly eat what God has provided, yet we run away from Him. Here is what God says, 'Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.' He also tells us that anyone who comes to Jesus will in no way be cast out. Will you come to God, or will you continually be running away from Him? The choice is yours.

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