Spiritual Warfare Prep

Spiritual Warfare Prep
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Angels Cry 'Holy' - Do We?

   If we had eyes to see God right now, we would not even be able to stand. We would be flat on our faces and totally, completely amazed and in awe.
   Isaiah was one such person who saw God's glory and he became undone. You can read his account in Isaiah 6. Another person who was affected by the reality of God's presence was Peter. He and his companions were trying to catch fish one night, but nothing was happening. The livelihood of these men depended upon catching fish. This was not a good night for them. They had met Jesus not too long before this, so they were beginning to understand new things. But this morning they saw a new dimension of God. Peter's eyes were opened to something beyond amazing. Jesus was his teacher now, but something new, something different was about to happen. Jesus told the men to put out their nets, but Peter argued. I can imagine Peter was thinking that since Jesus wasn't a fisherman, He really didn't know much about the trade. But Peter immediately changed his mind and they put the nets out. There were so many fish in the nets after this that the nets were breaking! The men stood in amazement. They were in awe. It wasn't about the amount of fish they caught. It was because they knew they were in God's presence. They didn't really understand that until that moment. Peter was in awe, so much that he told the Lord to go away from him because he was a sinful man. That is what happens to us when we see God. We see our sins before us. But God provided a covering for our sins by sending His Son to die in our place for our sins.
   You can read Peter's story in Luke 5. I believe we can all see God if we really want to. God will give us eyes to see Him with. We will never be the same, once we see Him.
   The way we write our posts will be affected. Everything we do will be affected once we see God. I have a feeling we will not spend so much time arguing over doctrine and petty things, if our eyes are opened and we see God's presence around us.
   We talk about God's holiness and have a good understanding of it theologically, but does it affect us personally? Or are other things more important to us than being in God's presence?

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