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Friday, August 2, 2013

Would The Devil Try To Eradicate The Human Race?

  I know this might seem like a stretch, but stick with me as I go through this thought process. Let me lay the foundation first of why I believe the devil wants all human beings eradicated. If we go back to Genesis, Chapter 3, verse 15, we can read the words God spoke to the devil right after the devil deceived Eve and tricked her into eating the forbidden fruit, plunging the whole world into the darkness and slavery of sin. "I will put enmity between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring[a] and her offspring;
he shall bruise your head,
    and you shall bruise his heel.”" ESV
If we go to the book of Revelation, we see the end of the rule of Satan, and what becomes of him and his followers. Yes, the devil will come to an end, but, God is going to use human beings to accomplish His goal in defeating Satan. So, obviously, Satan hates human beings and would love for each one to perish. He wants to be able to rule forever, but it won't happen, because God is all supreme and has chosen to use human beings to accomplish His plan.
   This might not sound like anything that has to do with the devil directly, but, be assured, he is still at work too. My opinion is that he would like to destroy the whole human race, and one of the ways he could do that is by starving us to death. How is that being accomplished today?
   One way, of course, is to see how abortion has become a legalized method of birth control. Babies are chopped up inside of their mothers and the 'doctors' can legally get away with murder. Today, if the baby is born and lives outside of the womb, he or she cannot be killed, or the law will consider it murder, but if the baby is killed inside of the womb, somehow the law doesn't consider it murder. Same baby. Different location.
   But here's another way the devil tries to destroy the human race. We have give him a large foothold in our country, by developing philosophies that we enjoy, but violate God's character. For example, we learn early in life to pursue pleasure and to take the easy way out of problems. We also learn to use whatever situations are most convenient for us. So, when it comes to cooking, we go for food already prepared for us. I'm not saying its wrong to eat out, or to buy dinner from a deli, but we depend on it way too much. In fact, the farming industry has caught on and now we have industrialized farms, which produce tasty food with uniform characteristics nationwide, but with very little nutritional value. We assume that the farmers of these industrialized farms know what's best, and we don't think twice about what they are doing, until we watch a documentary like Food, Inc.
   Farmers are surprised when the law steps in and closes their farms down, or fines them for not complying with the laws that were made in recent years, to promote industrialized farming. Farms, as we know them (or knew them) are going to become a thing of the past if everything takes its course the way this country is going right now. If we don't have real food, we aren't going to live very long.
   Here is what I wrote on a blog this morning. I will post it here. See what you think. Do you see any correlations between this and the power behind our food industry that, unless stopped, will end up starving the people in the country, if not killing us first.
  "I think this is happening because the church hasn't been on guard for the last 50 years or so. Authorities have come in and made the rules while no one was watching. The rules that were made do not consider the future health of Americans. Today we are suffering as a result of our ignorance, but its not too late to turn the tide back again.
So far, I have heard of people who are gluten intolerant, are allergic to eggs, or cannot tolerate milk. I have to wonder why people who are gluten intolerant can go to another country and eat bread without any problems. I also wonder if people are allergic to eggs because of the food that the chickens are fed (grains?). And I have to wonder if people cannot tolerate milk today, because of what has been done to the cow supplying the milk (growth hormones, anti-biotics, grain based feed) and the process of homogenization and pasteurization. What do you think?"
  We have people in Big Ag (industrialized farming supported by the government) that will fight to keep fluoride in our water. All the things that we started off as a country doing have been completely undone. The amazing thing is, that other countries don't do these things. Other countries don't want GMO products and won't allow them. What is wrong with America? We have been apathetic and our apathy has led us to be ignorant. Now we are paying the price in hospital and medical bills, let alone grieving and suffering over things which should never have happened in the first place.
   As one of my friends said today, "We know what we know... 
We know, what we do not know, but --
we do not know, what we do not know... -- until we get the 'awakening'!!! Sometimes we go to our graves before this knowledge is exposed...
"My people perish for lack of knowledge..." Bonita Slaymaker. Very wise words.

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