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Spiritual Warfare Prep
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Friday, June 14, 2013

How Do We Treat The Frailest Of Our Own?

“You can tell a great deal about a person, people, or faith based on how they treat the frailest of their own.” R.C. Sproul

   This quote says enough and I don't think I have to comment about it a whole lot. I think it is an encouragement to the body of Christ to be intentional in tending to those who are weak. Why? Because, in our flesh, we don't gravitate to the frail. We gravitate toward those who have their act together, those who appear clean and well dressed, those who have money, and those who appear intelligent. 
  Every church has weak people visiting or coming in. It is interesting to watch and see if those coming in with handicaps or who are wearing hand-me-downs from previous generations are made welcome. 
  Anyway, this is just an encouragement for us to be on the lookout for these people. They are created in the image of God, just like us. How we treat them will reflect who we love and who we are serving.

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