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Spiritual Warfare Prep
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Go Find The Ones in Lo-debar

   In 2 Samuel 9, David asks a question. He wants to know if there is anyone left of the house of Saul that he can show kindness to, for Jonathan's sake. David and Jonathan had made a covenant before Jonathan and Saul were killed. 1 Samuel 20 describes this covenant. Promises were made in this covenant that included, but not to his knowledge, Mephibosheth. Mephibosheth was living in poverty while much was actually provided for him.
  Lo-debar means 'without pasture'. It was near Gilead, which was a rocky place. Not convenient for having animals to live. Lo-debar was similar to a slum area of Samaria. It was on the other side of the Jordan River, the side which the Israelites entered from as they were going to the Promised Land, which was on the other side of the River. Those living in Lo-debar were living outside of the promises. People lived in obscurity there. It was a good place to hide.
  When David realized that Mephibosheth was living, he pursued him. He told Mephibosheth to not be afraid. Perhaps Mephibosheth did not believe David when David encountered him. David made sure that what was lost to Mephibosheth's family was restored, but he also said that Mephibosheth will eat at the King's table every day.
   It could be that David was a pursuer because he had been pursued. God pursues those who are broken. He is near those who are suffering. We give away those things that God has given to us.
  Mephibosheth was an outcast. There are outcasts in our churches. Do we move toward them or do we ignore them. What does God want us to do?
  Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. He pursues us. We need to move toward those who are in 'Lo-debar' in our churches.
  James warns us about being biased. He rebukes those who favor the rich, but ignore the weak and poor. God has chosen the poor in the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom of God.
  So, take notice of those in your churches who are in 'Lo-debar'. They will appreciate your service to them now, and throughout all eternity.
  Listen to 'Loving The Ones in Lo-debar' online. Message given by Keith Collins. http://www.metrolife.org/sermons/sermon/loving-the-ones-in-lo-debar

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